5 thoughts on “Sing mir dein Lied”

  1. gerne würde ich ihm auch ein lied singen und noch viel mehr. vor allem würd ich gern wissen ob er noch andere bereiche mit solch aufregenden locken hat.

  2. I would agree, the hair don’t do much for me either (face and body are hot ass Hell though), this boy was a model for Citiboyz a handfull of years ago and allways shaved his whole body, before it was cool like it seems to be lately

  3. I think that this lad has a beautiful body,and a good looking face,but what the hell did he do to his hair. This look is for black boys. It just doesn’t look good on a light skinned lad with blond hair,but if this is what is likes,then let him be happy. After all it is his hair. If he can go and get his nipples pierced,which I never did like, then may the Gods be with him. He has a better chance of getting infected nipples, then losing his hair.Hope too see him around when the hair gets cleaned out.I just he has a dimple on his left cheek. It’s not a small depression either.

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