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Found by Pink Neptune

35 thoughts on “Skin”

        1. Your comment made my day … now I just have to find pencil and paper to write it down. :-) And I agree though … nice body … however a face would have been a big plus!

          P.S.: scrowling down the comments I had to come back here to edit. General question to everybody on here … what’s with all the hating? It seems that there are a few people trying to put each other out. -> … we’re all here to enjoy and have fun… so play nice children or joshies little cutie boy will poke you in the eye :-)

            1. a really hot french fry?

              I am curious if that is a superfluous third nipple…

          1. It was something my college roommate said all the time, except he always said “her” It never made any sense to me until I replaced the “her” with “him” ; )

            1. A lot of things never made sense until I replaced the “her” with “him” …

          2. I could not agree more with you, were here to enjoy and have a thrill, not hate but then again some gay people has to have the drama in they’re life.

    1. slim people look slimmer when lying flat on the back so don’t accuse him of being “skinny”. Pale? yes, he’d look great in a speedo tan. yum yum

  1. fwene & OneNorth

    Without even seeing his face, head & neck? How hard-up are both of you?

    1. Are you for real?!?!!? Photography business must be slow even for someone of your technical prowess, since you sure seem to have lots of time to come here and make ridiculous comments.

      Oh, and I’m pretty hard up. Thanks for asking.

      1. “Are you for real?!?!!? Photography business must be slow even for someone of your technical prowess, since you sure seem to have lots of time to come here and make ridiculous comments.”


      2. “throw him out of bed for eating crackers”
        And you say *I* make ridiculous comments???

        And I do some of my photo business on my computers as well, so it’s no big deal to check on some replies. ‹(•¿•)›

      3. @onenorth it’s VERY IMPORTANT that TECHNICAL PROWESS goes in capital letters and bold to emphasize its importance. just sayin’.

  2. Does he have a third nipple? I know there are only two visible, but his left appears not to be fully formed and too low. Just wondering what everyone else thinks. Doesn’t detract in any way from his appearance.

    1. Wow….missed that but yeah, not symmetrical and lower than the other. I had a ‘third’ nipple for awhile in my youth. It was a ‘spider mole’ that eventually disappeared. Guessing this is perhaps a mole? Somebody help us with the rest of the ‘set’…..

  3. No offense, but a lot of what you said doesn’t make a lot of sense. In pretty much every area of USA, the LEGAL age of an adult is 18 (and, by definition, still a TEEN). Actually, it is usually only the drinking age that is primarily above the age of 18 … mostly around 21. And I think you said you are Danish born (and immigrated to here), right? Even more so, this thinking appears to me be a bit absurd.

    A biological body like above could easily be on a 16 yo or even a 30+ yo — simply because human bodies are so varied — not just “looks” but also in “maturity” (or whatever criteria you may use to define “maturity.”)

    If you’re here to appreciate TEENAGE [boys/men], then why are you so concerned if they are “at least” 21? By definition, TEENS are 13-19 y.o. So, exactly, what is it you think is “morally wrong” (and what “morals” are you basing your comment on)? I hope not by what your mother tells you but instead of your own mind.

    1. How is it so easy to completely miss someone’s point?

      And, why do all of your repsonses have to come across so harshly? I think, Penboy, your reply raises a few valid questions, but did you really need to include words like “absurd” and phrases such as “doesn’t make a lot of sense” and insult the boy’s respect for his mother’s wishes? Couldn’t you have made your points without the vitriol?

      As far as Liam’s comment, it seems fairly clear that the point he is making is not whether we can appreciate the photo based on age, but rather whether the “teen” in the photo has fully consented to having this picture taken (or, if he is a minor, is even capable of consenting)and having it posted on the internet. The question is the back story behind the photo, not what we as viewers should appreciate. I don’t think Liam is worried about the morality of us looking at pictures of underage teens, but under what circumstances those pictures came into existence.

      And Liam did pose it as a question; asking us what we thought about the moral (and perhaps legal) ramifications of its posting – the implication being that he was not even completely sure of the answers, himself. Yet, instead of participating in a mature discussion of the issue, you tell him his questions are nonsense and assert that he can’t think for himself.

      1. I didn’t miss any point. But you didn’t waste any time attacking me for ignorant reasons.

        Is he questioning the image above based on his mother’s wishes or his own questions? If he is so concerned that it’s his mother’s morals in question, then why would he be here in the first place? I’m hoping he DOES think for himself. (And I would guess that most likely his mother wouldn’t want him participating in blogs such as this, but he is anyway.)

        And your ENTIRE 2nd paragraph is totally MOOT. Because we can’t see his face so therefore totally unable to even guess as to what his age may or may not be. If we can’t [physically] determine his ACTUAL age (even remotely) then the question of whether he is “of age” for consent is again, MOOT.

        The only correct thing you said is that he asked for our opinions and I gave him just that and not in any mode you suggested. It’s only you that has that in mind because of the way (we all know by now) you think of me, personally. I used the word ‘absurd’ only because I believe he is from Denmark and I’m pretty sure the age of [sexual] consent is 14 yrs old (I could be wrong, but I’m sure someone will point that out if I am).

        Please read what I said and stop worrying about how fast you can send up some unfounded criticism just because of personal differences and drum up ridiculous accusations.

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