Skinny Dipping

Not even a decade ago, when I was around 14 or so, skinny dipping was the most natural thing. Where I grew up (in Northern Germany, which was actually Southern Sweden a few hundred years ago, those were the days! :p)  many people didn’t even own bathing clothes except for swimming classes in school. Nowadays it seems perfectly normal for teenagers to shower with pants on (and not for fetish reasons) and many even wear two swimming trunks at the beach. Any ideas why this might be? And are there any teens who still go swimming skyclad?


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  1. I skinny dipped many times in my youth.
    Even in my teens, it was common for us guys to go skinny dipping and not even think twice about our bodies or anything that may have become sexual in nature.

    The only time we were concerned was when families came around or the ladies which could’ve been an embarrassing moment if you know what I mean.
    For some of us, me in particular, it was also with some of the younger males but alas, it never really bothered me to show who I was in the buff.
    Being uncut in a cut world though has many looking at you like you’re weird but that’s another topic. <3

  2. I think i know the reason why some lads wearing two trunks.
    When I was student i work at an aquapark, and i notice that. Just the lads who are between 11 and 14, wearing two trunk.
    If you think a little, you know why.

    1. The only reason I could come up with for wearing 2 trunks is in case they lose one. If that’s not the reason,then I’m stumped.What other reason can there be? There is none. At least as far as i can tell.

      1. One reason I could think of is that when you’re that young, you are entering puberty and kinda get hard more often that when you’re older, and its easy to see that kind of thing through a swim suit, if you wear two, it would be more hidden. Could be wrong, but that’s what I thought of.

  3. i live on the beach in Florida and iv never seen any one on two trunks but lots of boys here including my self (17)were undowere under are suits, ushly boxer-briefs, or briefs. and i do see some kids skinny dipping but there not ushly from here, and there ushly really young. thats not to say locals dont do it, cuzz i have with my freinds mutable times, but not during torest season or popular hours

    1. “undowere, ushly, my self, iv, cuzz, mutable, torest,” Sorry, but you don’t have ANY software that has a spelling checker?? You can even enter a word in Google and it will provide correct spelling. For an American, that’s pathetic. I very nearly couldn’t understand what you were trying to say. It only takes a few seconds (and maybe a 2nd open window – so PLEASE use a spelling checker!

        1. possibly because a spell check is provided here and people already think all Americans are stupid:

      1. i think what’s really interesting is being able to ‘hear’ cody’s florida accent through his phonetic spelling. I teach reading/writing and this is incredibly common; if we teach people to spell by sounding out words, we have to accept that spelling will sometimes reflect pronunciation.

        1. Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and to a lesser extent Dr. Seuss (all that i can think of at the top of my head) are famous authors that wrote and made up words or wrote phonetically rather than proper spelling. Though it may not be the case here it’s used with even most distinguished authors.

          Always master the rules before breaking the rules however.

          1. Shakespeare didnt make up words!? He just creativly tweaked elizabethan english! Just like the goddamn americans have ;) Let me just *colour* that in for you ;D

      2. I have dyslexia and i do use spell check a lot, however lots of times it cant help me. your right about Google. and if my internet was faster i would do that. just for me to type this it has taken me 7mins. i went to a school that focused on reading but not on spelling, i do still read slowly like 7th grade level but its a major improvement from when i was reading at third grade level. (12mins btw)

        1. cody – good effort man… don’t stress about spelling too much – the key is to get your message across – which you did just fine in your first post! :o)

        2. I also have Dyslexia and you should try eye exercises they really help. some time when your free each day look first to one side the then other then in a circle as far to the edges as you can without moving you head. do this a few time each day.

      3. LOL! I got a chuckle out of it myself but I really can’t laugh too hard because I’m really bad at spelling myself. I always have that second window opened with Google just to look up the many words I can never seem to get right!

  4. hmmmm never went skinny dipping before :P never have never will XD im not comfy with my body… and so are a lot of people it seems :/

  5. The poll results speak for themselves…most people voting here agree on the matter. I’m a huge fan and would always join in whenever anyone suggests it. Even did it two weeks ago, at 5AM with friends, properly drunk in a very cold lake. For half an hour =P
    Years back when camping with my parents no one ever wore any clothes, so I’m quite used to and comfortable with my and other people’s body.

  6. My boyfriend and I plan on going skinny dipping …I would have when I was younger If my friends were willing to , I just never asked lol …Shame…

  7. The reason why skinny dipping is a thing of the past in the western world, is that adult desire for childhood/teen sexuality there has grown to incredible proportions.
    Every intelligent person realises that our western society has become a pedophile society: the adoration of children is all there in films, publicity, education, books, news, politics, Art. Compared to 100 years ago when children were never even mentioned (and skinny dipped to hearts content unnoticed) we have become absurdly obsessed with kids.
    Since we are adults and adults are very sexualised (and repressed), we need to project our guilt on others. Everything becomes ‘sin’ or ‘crime’. Even the most innocent skinny dipping.

    1. I disagree, and it’s pretty insulting that someone’s not “an intelligent person” just because he doesn’t think the same way as you do. In my opinion, it’s a lot more complex than that. I don’t think western society overall has gottten more “pedophilic”, just more repressed (one thing in which we agree). Also, the advent of the internet, and itswidespread ease of access to kids and teens, has made kids more self-conscious about their not-yet-developed bodies. Add to that the way homosexuality (and homophobia, especially among boys) has become much more out in the open. Put it all together, and it’s no wonder boys today fear showing too much.

      1. Read any and every sociologic study by anything other than a bible-basher and you’ll see it isn’t a personal my opinion, but a fact.
        Our society is obsessed with children, and recently so. And we project our repressed sexuality on them. It’s not an opinion, and hardly something to feel ‘insulted’ about.
        You read the recent false meaning of ‘pedophile’ into the word: it actually means the love or adoration of children, not the need to abuse.
        If you travel to countries who have not ‘developed’ as ours, you’ll see what a society is that doesn’t idolise, worship, and constantly desire children.
        There is no moment in History with an equivalent obsession with children that ours has now.
        Boys by the way, don’t fear to show anything (just travel around to see that): adults have imposed a taboo on them.

        1. Ivan, i agree. but the problem is, that people would rather hear out (or stick with) opinions that are similar to theirs or are expressed in an eloquent manner ,than to those opinions voiced by some one stuttering, but expert in the discussed matter. and the people (most of them) in their herd mentality would accuse those ,who advocate common sense over irrationality, of being evil. the proportions that this idolisation of children has grown into monstrous proportions and so had the taboos imposed on them. overprotective-ness due of those taboos could be damaging to children who are they supposedly protecting- at least i think so. the other thing that suprises me is inconsistence of those taboos. like: in my homeland the age of consent is 15, but it is illegal to sell or allow to watch pornography to anyone under 18. how can it be illegal to watch something you can legally do? why there are sex ed classes, when taboo-creating people claim that children and adolescents are asexual ? what is suprising is fact that only men are considered to be perpetrators of any and all sexual harassment against children and adolescents.

  8. That photo is taken in Russia or the Ukraine and the boy in the foreground was named Vladik and he was killed in a car crash last year.

  9. During the summer,when I was young(13 or 14) we would camp out in somebody’s back yard. After their parents went to sleep we would roam the neighborhood looking for trouble or adventure. One of my favorites was sneaking into somebody’s pool. We obviously didn’t have swimming suits with us so skinny dipping was the only way to go. The fun part happened when somebody saw or heard us and turned on the lights.We all would take off running naked. Definitely the good old days.

  10. Used to go skinny dipping in Kochalkas pond when I was fifteen. Me and half a dozen other boys. They’re either dead or old and fat now.

  11. If you make it okay for young people to skinny dip you make it okay for 80 year old men with wrinkly, disturbing body parts to frolic just meters away from you. I would rather just imagine what lays beneath a pair of board shorts then get dumped by a wave and end up too close to that

  12. In the 1960s our local YMCA (New Jersey) had a very nice indoor pool facility and scheduled swimming by gender – Mens’ Swim and Womens’ Swim. Age was not considered. Eight to eighty all together. Nude was the RULE, swimsuits were forbidden. The pool was understandably VERY busy, and the locker room and showers were too. The rules today are very different. Aside from the Y, my friends and I skinny-dipped elsewhere whenever we could, but then we were all “buddies” if you know what I mean, and swimming then was an afterthought.

    Welcome to the New Victorian Age. Sexuality among teens of all persuasions is publicly discouraged, but privately it is ubiquitous. Everyone is precocious, everyone’s life is scandalous, and at the same time, a secret. The whole culture is on the Down-Low. We’re ‘doing it’ as much as we ever did, but publicly we act like we’re ever virgin just to keep the busy-bodies comfortable. Who needs a hassle? The government closes the baths and blocks up the adult store glory holes, so we just hit CraigsList for anonymous hookups. Where there’s lust, there’s a way.

    Until last year, I used to swim regularly at a pool in a large city park. I liked to go at a certain time in the afternoon when the school swim teams who practice there are getting out and in the locker room. The boys who showered did so fearlessly, but I was amused at the number of them who didn’t, turning close-in to their lockers when slipping out of their speedos. Still, a feast for the eyes. Somebody must have panicked though, because now the “Free Swim” after their practice is a quarter-hour after the “Practice Swim” ends so the boys have the locker room to themselves. Alas.

    So, I do not doubt that skinny-dipping is as prevalent as it ever was – it’s just between close friends and not where or when strangers might appear. Less of it in lakes, streams and ponds, lots more of it in the dead of night or in a backyard pool when the ‘rents are away.

    1. I also went nude swimming at a local YMCA. Just like you said, nude was the RULE …. wonderful. Even saw plenty of erections (as well as got them myself) and all of us generally didn’t care about letting anyone see their/my erections. That’s the way it SHOULD BE. Yeah, those WERE the days!

  13. Society, especially ours, has frowned on open sexuality and nudity as being shameful, sinful and damning. I remember preachers saying this to us at summer camp in Missouri, in sunday school, in school when we still spoke of religion and prayer; we were warned the sin of nudity and shamelessness, of sexuality was a plague from God (STDs but other things long before HIV).

    Our Sexual Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s was skin deep. WHile many see it as normal and very human, there is still that rigid part of the population that sees it as being unsavory and embarrassing. Even to see a breast with a teat on television has caused parents to have breakdowns over the tender minds of children being destroyed by such images, let alone that of a vagina or penis.

    We have a very repressive society. It distrusts education that opens the mind, fears freedom of will, even though we idolize it. Our traditions place nudity and sex in the same categories as defecation and urination, aging and death. Unsavory and disturbing realities, most necessary in life, but to be kept out of the light and away from good people.

    I grew up in that. I remember being caught with another boy having sex and being punished by people I loved and trusted. Of having my mouth and genitals washed with lye soap to clean them. Of being considered a wicked boy because I touched myself… is there any wonder I kept it hidden through most of my teen years and twenties?

    Our society is opening up to it, starting to make headway into accepting nudity and sex and same sex partnerships far more than it could in the 1960s, but there is a fabric of our society that is very important and very powerful that is combining all of this with the evils of pornography, child pornography, pedophilia and everything that people fear and despise about ‘deviant sexuality’ to the point where Sex is being vilified, and literally made illegal. Crimes of violence with sexual components are now called Sex Crimes. And are always spoken about in the harshest terms, the perpetrators being singled out as the most heinous of criminals. To the point where a murderer is treated with less contempt and punishment, than a Sex Criminal. The stigma is that strong.

    The religious groups that have been working hard to increase their power in public since 1980, have finally managed to draw it all together under the group of sex laws that have been accepted as legitimate by the Supreme Court, and any defiance against them is met with an immediate attack based on the safety of children. There is virtually no defense. Even the ACLU is loath to take such cases on.
    Since 2003, there have been successful attacks against artists and art that were considered non-representative of any human activity, and therefore fantasy, and are now being labelled as ‘child porn’. Even totally fictitious characters, non-human, that appear to be young, are being attacked. A small enough loss for people not interested in comics or manga, but the danger is so clear. Line art is now part of the definition of an illegal image if it appears to be anything close to an underaged person, human or non-human.
    Photographs are one thing… there is a clear violation of a persons’ rights in making them. But images drawn from the mind, the imagination, either in writing or as pictures on paper or digital media, should be left viable as art. There is no reality there, yet it is being successfully criminalized and the defense is shredded by extreme threats of punishment not to mention expense, so that those with a case more often than not take a ‘deal’ and suffer persecution and their own Scarlet Letter for the rest of their lives to avoid the even worse punishment of prison.

    And it all goes back to how our traditional views of sexuality, nudity and so forth play in the very foundations of our society. Eventually it will pass. But I doubt it will be eradicated because killing an idea is impossible. There will always be some in a generation who read the Good Book, listen to the preacher and think, ‘That’s right… God has said that is a sin.” It is sad… and deeply damaging to the psyche for generations to come. Does it serve society? Perhaps it does in that control over ever growing numbers of people may require the narrowing of freedoms, and the elimination of images fantasy or otherwise.

  14. me and my friend oftentalk of skinny dipping but they are so stuck inthe human body is taboo thing that when we go swimming no one is comfortable unless evryone has a shirt on DX that to me is ridiculous

  15. some years ago, when it was my time of spending half the summer under water, our family’s usual destination was the local “Freibad” (don’t know the english word, a number of differently “adventurous” pools in an open-air structure, along with some nature and some basketball- & volleyball-fields, …), where skinny dipping was reserved to toddlers. ;-)

    srsly, there were no natural lakes or seas around, so all we did was go there.

    but i didn’t really miss it, since, imo, presenting your weiner at all times simply isn’t necessary to live openly and freely. i found it kind of exhausting back then to have so much sexualism in and around me, i really enjoyed moments i could spend with my friends and NOT have the sex-thing hovering over us constantly. being in “Freibad” on a skinny-dipping-basis would have been nothing but the sexualization of another place-to-be in my early life. i guess i would have not enjoyed that very much.

    skinny-dipping sounds more like some innocent out-of-the-orderly fun you partake on these rare overly intimate days with your friends.

  16. Simple things like jokes about the ‘bulge’ and the generalized comments about the size of one’s penis throughout the media has taken a non issue and turned it into one because of the regularity of such comments. This feeds into the psyche of boys and creates a ‘value’ about one’s genitals in a social context which added to the realization that one is becoming more sexual (size of penis, pubic hair etc) and this context has over time created an ‘over awareness’ that can turn into shyness or embarrassment of genitals when it is linked to one’s ‘prowess’ or judged to be good or bad depending on size etc. So, boys have simply been made overly conscious of their bodies.
    The media’s focus through humor, soaps, news and repetitive negatives about young people and sex has been transposed into a kind of fear or over consciousness. The two speedos thing is an attempt to cover the genitals, their size or shape because of a perceived constant focus by others on negative comments about dick size! Where a family has been very open about nudity and bodies kids from such families tend to be less shy about nudity themselves.

  17. I hold the opinion that the decission to hide away ones own nudity has to do with understanding the way that other people are looking on nudity.

    When I was a boy (0-12) I could not immagine that there are people that do enjoy looking at naked boys. So I felt just comfortable when playing naked in the sun.
    But todays children are aware that there are people enjoying seeing them naked – and that makes them feel themselves not comfortable any longer.

    Ok – folks you have sexed it up – and did “fuck up” the magic of innocence in this very moment. And now you complain?

  18. It’s become even worse. Even speedos are becoming frowned upon. Even 24 years ago when I was in my class swim team for an interhouse event, the captain of our team and I wore speedos and were mocked because everybody else was in swim shorts. He won the 25 mettres breastroke, beating me by 4 seconds – and I was second!

    At the pool I shower naked – how else are you supposed to get clean properly? I find I get wierd looks from lots of people though.

  19. One thing that I haven’t seen anyone mention is that boys before and during puberty are often (at least AFAIK, and in my own experience growing up) very self conscious of their bodies. This is especially true in societies, and among groups that talk about penis size, etc… I remember not wanting people to see me naked because I didn’t want them to see my “small” penis, which as a kid was going to be small anyway, and i retrospect it was rather normal-sized.

    I now am saddend a bit by this, since clearly not ALL boys are self conscious about their penis size and whether or not they have pubic hair yet. I wish that growing up, I was not as self conscious and went around naked more. I do not doubt that I could have done so more had I wanted to or felt more comfortable doing it. That’s my guess as to why SOME of the boys wear double bathing suits, so the outline can’t be seen. I know I was always conscious of that, especially when coming out of cold water!

  20. My young friends tell me they wear two suits because the outer one is unlined. While I know from experience that a lining does make a difference, it seems to be as much a fashion trend as anything else. When it comes to teens showering with clothing on, no matter their excuses and reasoning, I’m convinced it’s all about paranoia over potentially being seen by a gay guy. If you dig even deeper, it seems that many teens have this perception that if you are free to show your body in front of other males, even in the locker room, then you are either gay yourself or inviting gays to admire you. It’s twisted.

    In terms of skinny-dipping, when I was a teen, boys and girls would skinny-dip together, but always under the cover of night time. Today, I swim nude whenever and wherever possible. My young friends are comfortable skinny-dipping with me but only privately, in the security of the backyard pool.

    1. i don’t think it’s gay-phobia that makes teens be adamant about not letting anyone see their weiner, it’s just good old plain shame.

      1. chrs,
        You may very well be right, I don’t have the data to support my theory, just my own conversations with boys and reading between the lines. I do wish there was a research project or paper already written that examines the rise of outness and societal acceptance of gays in recent decades with the bashfulness of young boys and teens in particular. I think the greater knowledge of gays and our pervasiveness throughout society has changed young peoples’ behavior. I just can’t prove it.

  21. I skinny dipped with my buddies all the time growing up. We became use to seeing each other naked from a young age and were at ease with each other about it.
    The public swimming pool in my city required that everyone took a nude shower before entering the pool. A staff member stood guard over the locker room exit to enforce the rule. He took your swim suit, you’d go shower then he’d give it back to you.
    In high school we always showered after Phy Ed and sports practices and games. Of course it was a gang shower, not private stalls.
    I asked a high school Phy Ed teacher a few months ago why kids don’t shower anymore. He said, “A few do, most don’t. By law you can’t make a kid take his clothes off anymore.”
    It wasn’t that way when I was in high school. You were told to shower and expected to do it. Your fellow classmates would give you a very hard time if you went back to class without showering.
    One fact that has made skinny dipping more difficult to do is that there is much more population density now and as a result fewer places to do it. The place me and my friends use to skinny dip at long ago is now a busy state park . There are just a lot more people around everywhere than there use to be. Making it hard to find those isolated place to skinny dip.
    The other factor is the rise of religious zealots who equate nudity with sexuality and insist on imposing their warped views on society!

  22. I grew up swimming totally nude for my high school boy’s swimming classes at the public school I attended in Michigan. I think most people, especially boys, like to skinny dip and would do so more often if we did not have so many religious organizations and law makers making it seem evil, when it is not. So now we do not see any (male) public nudity at the public swimming pools as we used to 30 years ago, but we have nudity all over the internet instead. Maybe we can reverse the trend and make it more real. Go to the beach and be nude or wear a thong and show off. Speedos are for atheletes and sexy guys and are the next best thing to nudity.

  23. I’ve gone skinny dipping a few times with my friends, male and female. It got sexual once, but most of the time it was just swimming. I’ve never noticed any other guys wearing two pairs of trunks though. Some of them wear underwear under their trunks, but I don’t wear underwear in the first place so it never even came to mind.

  24. I now live in Florida. Here’s the skinny dip options:
    1. Haulover Beach, just north of Miami, county-run public, free, park and beach, totally clothing optional and popular and busy with all ages every day. 2. Cape Canavarel National Seashore, beach, clothing optional at two areas, not so popular as they are harder to get to, but a wonderful experience. 3. Lots and lots of nudist resorts, but they cost money. 4. In my part of Florida (North Central) we have more springs than anywhere else in the world. Some private springs are available for skinny-dipping and well used by locals. I know of quite a number of them. The good news is that those who frequent them are of all ages and genders. 5. Finally, lots of folks with private pools definitely don’t wear clothes when swimming!!!

  25. we’ve asked a lot of friends about this in the last few days – it’s been really interesting hearing all of the responses… I think my favourite is: “It [skinnydipping] still happens – we’re just not invited!”

  26. Hi chrs,

    Does Friebad not mean Free Bath in English? Where one could swim for free or next to free. The Public Baths, or Pool.

  27. I live in Brownsville, Texas and theres South Padre Island, Texas not so far…well I’ve always wanted to go past beach access 6 about 10 miles out and there’s supposedly a place where people go nudey hehe.. I really wanna go sometime.. you definitely need a 4×4

  28. I am a christian and as an early christian I skinnydiped in a pond in my back yard alone most the time I skinny dipped in junior high gym class as well. Later went to a nude resort showering next to a woman found it not to be a big deal and seeing a collage guy around his parents as well was a bit of a suprize but now I say so what? Anyway in the Church there is that conflict you speek of condemming nudity especaly mixed gender. Thay clame it is sin but are looking at lust in the bible not nudity. The bible does not condem nudity as they do. I have looked at it my self and through a few christian nudist places and have found the bible does not condem it jest the uninformed leaders that clam you to be out of comtext and they are the ones out of context.

  29. Yes, boys still go skinny dipping in 2011. They have been doing it for thousands of years, and will not be ending this form of fun, till the end of time!

  30. I was recently at an indoor waterpark/resort with my family, and noticed a sign in the men’s locker room shower which read “please shower in bathing suits for the comfort of smaller guests.” I found this very amusing (although it’s obviously for the comfort of children); as if I shouldn’t expose myself in the shower because somebody might get jealous. Personally, I’m all for skinny dipping. There’s absolutely nothing wrong or necessarily sexual about being in the body’s natural state and suspended in water. I find it to be a very comforting feeling.

  31. I truly enjoyed skinny dipping and it’s too bad that I had to go to the Carribean to do it. I hope the US allows this in the future. After the initial novelty of naked people wears off, you think nothing about it. In many respects we are such a prudish country, but hopefully it will change in the not too distant future.

  32. Im a 15 yr boy and i got to a high school where everyone showers and I absolutely love skinny dipping, personally I think that not allowing skinny dipping and nudity is a violation of the Constitution. What happened to freedom of speech and religion. Im Christian don’t go to church and u dusagree with the church officials about condemning nudity and sex, sure there are STDs but condoms are in your local pharmacy ;) Still it is awkward going to buy some in public but you shouldnt be ashamed. And nobody should be afraid of homosexuality I have a lot of gay friends and i have no problem showering or skinny dipping with them. Seriously though politicians should lay off of public nudity and sezuality and focus on the economy and our growing national deficit. Im proud of my body no matter the size of my penis and stare if you like but its reserved for that special someone ;)

  33. I grew up in the Sixties & Seventies, and am surprised at how much things have “regressed” since then. My friends and I swam at the local YMCA pool during “Men Only” hours and were always nude, and thought nothing of it. I guess the fact that it was done by all ages (including alot of ugly old farts), made it feel perfectly natural to us.

    At 8 yrs old I joined the YMCA swim team (using the same pool), and of course wore speedos (the team was mixed girls & boys, so it seemed natural to wear a suit for that activity). After swim practice I always showered naked, both because I was used to it, and because it was necessary to wash off the heavily-chlorinated water (also to wash out the speedo under the shower-head, since nothing destroyed nylon like pool chlorine). A few boys on the team didn’t shower after practice, which as a kid I thought was strange, but most did.

    I remember skinny dipping on occasion at a couple of my friend’s houses who had pools, but only when no one else was home, or late at night with the pool lights out. Starting with junior high school (12 yrs & up) all boys had to take showers (communal) after gym class, and the PE coaches circulated around to make sure everyone did. That and the fact that the only way to get a towel was to go to the back of the showers (where they situated the towel cage), and the gym coach stationed in the cage checked to make sure everyone’s body & hair were wet before issuing a towel (you also had to have a towel to be passed out of the locker room itself). Although most boys took it in stride, I did notice some boys who seemed to have a hang-up about showering naked with others — usually keeping their hands cupped over their junk as much as possible.

    By my mid-teens my friends and I no longer skinny-dipped much, but not because of any new-found “modesty,” but simply because such opportunities became rare (the local YMCA changed their rules to require suits at all times). I also noticed that by high school they were no longer requiring showers of all boys, but I stlll showered for the practical reason that after sports activities I couldn’t imagine going to my next class sweaty & smelly!

    Now things seem so different; even if boys had more opportunity to skinny-dip, I wonder how many really would, given the current sentiment against public nudity. As previous posters mentioned, no longer can schools even require boys to shower after gym class. Even wearing speedos has been stigmatized to such a degree in the U.S. that few boys would dare to. I’ve attended some swim meets my nephew participated in, and noticed most boys wearing some sort of trunk (though usually more streamlined than board shorts). My nephew was one of the few who still wears speedos (don’t know how much it helps his race times!) I commented to the coach how ironic the situation is, because in my day speedos were required if you wanted to be on a swim team, yet few boys had any hang-ups about wearing them. The coach laughed and told me that if he required his team to wear speedos, he wouldn’t be able to even field a team! Even at the summer camps my nephew has attended, he tells me they have strict rules against girls in two-piece bikini swim wear and boys in speedos. It’s a strange new world indeed… where (for instance) we and our kids are daily bombarded with erectile dis-function commercials, while on the other hand any display of genitals by boys (even in all-boy settings) is discouraged and even stigmatized.

  34. I am a 16 year old male, and I skinnydip all the time, whenever I get a chance. I am on my high school’s swim team, and even there, I shower nude. I am not ashamed of my body, and nobody should be. It is not something to be ashamed of. Sure, I get looks. Up at my face and down below, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve converted a few people to showering naked, as things should be, but a certain few absolutely refuse to do so because they are embarassed.

  35. One tim i came home from camp really hot so i went in the pool. I swim in my underwear. When i told my mom i was really hot, she told me to thak off my underwear. I did and it was the best feeling i ever had

  36. When we were senior in HS and freshman in college a group of my friends would always go skinny dipping at the municipal swimming pool . I worked in the attached building next to the pool and had a key to the pool. On hot summer nights we strip in the building and then all run naked to the pool usually 11:30-midnight. It was never anything sexual, but I alwasy enjoyed seeing my friends naked and quite healthy flopping quite noticably as we ran. There was an excitement and daring that we didn’t get caught because the police station was about 200 yds away.
    Also when I attended the UW in Madison, swimming class was required and if you did not have a real swim suit you had to swim naked. After the 2nd week everyone had suits because the water was quite cold and most of the time we were out of the pool.

  37. went to draper lake once and decided to go skinny dipping. Undressed and walked into to the water up to my chest. swam awhile and then waded out to my van for something to drink back into the water when I heard giggles and then noticed an entire family about six kids and mom around the bend on the next beach. about the time I decided to run I heard the click of the shutter and knew I was caught so I just swam over , walked out and introduced myself. Made some pretty neat friends that day

  38. When I was about 10, I got naked every chance I got. I used to slip out my bedroom window at first light and sneak down to the river, strip and swim. Other boys would see me and joined me until there was a group of 8 of us. This continued until a neighbor woman saw us and tol everybody. We got into trouble, and people called us queer, but we still did it when we could.

  39. Staying summers at my fathers place in southern CA desert, I had ample opportunities to skinny dip in his backyard pool when he was away at work. I started around age 14 and continued until around age 18 ( this took place in the mid 80’s ) or so when he had already moved out of there.

    First, it started out as sort of a “rebellious dare” thing, but I quickly enjoyed the freedom of being free in the water, and went every day he’d be at work :-)

    Never got to have anyone join me, and I’d usually just swim alone for about an hour or two, but ugh, I miss those days! :-/ I just wish I knew people there who could have joined me.

    When I did this, my father’s neighbors were rather nosy, and I’d see them peeking at me through the wooden fence on one side of the pool, and what was weird was as social phobic I was at the time, it didn’t bother me at all that they were watching me.

    Now as I’m older, of course I’m not in the best shape ( and nowhere what I was then ) so my self-consciousness about my body gets in the way, and I live in one of the most nude “free” states–Oregon, where you can be nude whenever you want, as long as you’re not lewd about it! :-)

    I’m still an “at-home” nudist, but hoping someday to work up the courage to practice in more nude swimming ( or hiking ) someday soon! :-)

  40. When I was younger all teenagers would simply bathe nude – no one thought it to be wrong. Even on trips with my closet friends, I remember getting to a river and every one stripping off and diving in. What made it awkward was if girls were around. I think skinny dipping should be norm just as it was.

  41. When I was at school, all the boys would shower nude regardless of what others thought. A few of our swim lessons were held nude, and even the coach would join us once in a while. Even on trips with my closet friends, I can remember coming to a stream, stripping down and diving in.

    I used to visit my grandfather’s house every year, and he lived close to a pool. Every day after 8:00 I would walk down to the pool and skinny dip. My older brothers joined me, and soon we were all swimming nude. Children these days are so self conscious about their nudity, they feel embarrassed by just looking at another man’s private area. I think skinny dipping should be the norm just as it was years ago.

  42. Don’t know what you are all talking about – me and my mates still go to the beach and strip off. Nothing wrong with it. It is a chance to swim freely – so the answer to your question is YES some teenagers still skinny dip.

  43. As a kid, I turned down an opportunity to skinnydip — even among close family in a country pond. However, when I was a teen, a friend got permission for me & another friend to go swim in one of his neighbor’s pool that had a privacy fence around it. Well, it was night, and with friends in the pool but a bit away from me, the neighbor man put a seemingly fatherly hand on my leg….& progressed from there before I realized what he intended. By then, I was so shocked & aroused as he felt me up that I simply let him — that is, until one friend saw my concerned facial expression and asked if I had a headache. Lol, that seemed like a good excuse as the man moved away and then went for an aspirin or something.

    In my teens, I did find opportunities to get naked outdoors and found it very relaxing. Only later on, as an adult, did I finally go to a nudist camp, despite my initial misgivings about doing so. It was not quite what I expected, but was excellent, IMO. It felt so free and healthful, and people there acted like it was all so normal: to them, I guess it was. Nobody molested me or made any moves on me, and it became a way to sort of regain some lost innocence, as that one man was not the only one to try something with me when I was growing up, though I was quite averse to the gay lifestyle.

    I have contemplated the benefits I have had in spending time in the nude, including socially, skinnydipping, gardening, etc. over the years and despite being rather spiritually-minded (Christian), I think that if I ever get married to someone just right, I’d like to raise my kids with the freedom of wise nakedness. I know there are good & bad times for many things, including nudity, so it would have to be in the best of wisdom; however, I now feel that some open nudity is beneficial & excellent for the wellbeing of kids as they grow up. I think it helps them think more soundly about themselves & life in general and will help them be more levelheaded & compassionate as well.

  44. I recently started spending more time at the beach alone. I go to an area where there are not a lot of people. Some days more than others. When I get in the water I like to remove my swimming suit. I see people walk by often but no one knows I don’t have my suit on. It is so much more enyoyable without my suit. When other people come close I quickly put my suit back on so no one can see or there are no complaints. I really wish it was legal so I could do it all the time.

  45. In The US some 4 years ago, 4 friends and I got together twice a week to swim naked in a private pool that belonged to one of them. Swimming naked gives you wonderful body sensation you will never have swiming in trunks.The weird thind was tehy wre all cut, and I, as a latin American am uncut.They did not indertand “how it workd”.Under showers afterwards, when retracting my foreskin to wash and soap glans, they looked with amazement. Some did not know foreskins existed! We ended having good laughs!

  46. Definitely two suits because of erections. But I think that’s weird! As a teen nudist (3rd generation) I’ve never owned a suit. At puberty I was hard a lot too but nobody cares! Why would they unless their a pervert? And our family’s club bounces those kind of people and picture takers and reports them to the police. I only wear clothing at school and going out with non-nudist friends but most of them are happy to join our nudist ways when they come over. What could be more normal than being nude?

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