Snobby Saturday *1

The other day the idea of a photo theme day for posh lads came up in the chat. “Majestic Monday” sounds a bit too porny, so we settled for Snobby Saturday. This is in no way meant as an insult so if you’re fanboying/girling over one the guys featured under that category… calm your panties ;)

Marius Borg Høiby, the son of Norway’s crown princess


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  1. Was he born within wedlock? If not, those of us who were legitimately born can look down on him!

    1. If he wasn’t born within wedlock, he wouldn’t be Marius Borg Hoiby, son of the Crown Princess of Norway, he’d be nameless secret abortion/’illness’ that nobody in the world would ever see or know about. Royal families don’t have bastards, or at least, they don’t keep them.

      1. He was, in fact, not born in wedlock. But most Norwegians aren’t assholes, you know :p The royal family treats him as one their own.

      2. Inx, he is a “bastard”. He was born on 13/1/1997, his father is Morten Borg, mummy was single at the time and in 2001 married Crown Prince Haakon. Europe is different, Scandinavian royal families are different. In spite of America’s “right to life” crap, the fundamentalist fascists don’t actually love children once they’ve been born. Foetuses are okay, but children don’t interest them. But I think Marius is very interesting :)

      3. “Inx” wrote:
        ‘Royal families don’t have bastards, or at least, they don’t keep them.’

        ‘Charles II of England had 20 illegitimate children, of which he acknowledged 14.

        Our prime minister, Mr Cameron, is said to be a descendant of George IV, king of the United Kingdom and Hanover. George did not leave any legitimate offspring, only bastards by his mistresses.

    1. I agree, although it’s a bit surprising that viewers would want to see cats on a gay site :P

    2. I like the idea of Snobby Saturday (As Josh intends it). Coming from the other end of the spectrum I am fascinated by royalty, sophistication and dignified, cultured manners. Certainly this boy is beautiful but his young aristocrat appearance adds so much to his appeal, at least for me.

  2. If he is not a royal, what is his position within the hierarchy? I hope that the world he was born into doesn’t screw him up.

    1. He’s bastard born so he’ll probably take the black and be sent to The Wall to freeze his prick off guarding the realm against snarks and wildlings.

    2. He was born before his mother Married the crown prince of Norway. He is not royal in any way unlike his siblings. Although they still consider him as family and one of their own

      1. Well, he looks royal enough to me. Could you imagine a U.S. president with a bastard son?

  3. He is NOT a royal. He has no official position, aside from being hot as hell and his imagined social life is the fapping fantasy of every boy in Europe.

  4. I dunno his name just remind me the name “Marius Yo” from the japanese team “Sexy Zone”

  5. I dunno his name just remind me the name “Marius Yo” from the japanese team “Sexy Zone”.

  6. So if I were descended from Scandinavian royalty and not German, perhaps my life would be different (and I might be more attractive as well…I’ve always adored male Scandinavian facial structures). Fun to have bragging rights about being descended from Emperor Charlemagne and one of the 12 knights of the Holy Roman Empire, though I don’t believe anyone in my family has anything to show for it lol.

    Gorgeous lad, and he does remind one of Draco Malfoy =)

    1. Yep – definitely the Malfoy hair. But I also agree with Penboy – this and his other pics are so much like Leonardo DiCaprio in the face department!

    2. Charlemagne lived ~ 1200 years ago. If we estimate one generation to take around 30 years to produce the next and estimate that every child of his will produce around 1,5 children there’d be around 10,000,000 descendents of charlemagne.
      For 20, 2 we even get around 10^18 descendents.
      Sorry. Most Europeans and most Americans are probably descendents of Charlemagne.

  7. he is a Very good-looking kid. odd thing is he looks every bit the aristocrat despite ‘having no royal blood’.
    Lucky that he was born in Scandinavia; his life might be quite fulfilling :)

    1. There is no standard facial type of the aristocracy these days – in an informal setting, out of uniform, in jeans and T-shirt and with his hair mussed up a bit, the same young man would still be good-looking, but you’d never guess he was an aristocrat.

  8. While I do like Cute Caturday, this new snobby category has many possibilities. Glitterati boys are great. ring ‘em on

  9. tried to reply via a google and windows browser – both said ‘do you really want to do this?’ without giving any kind of option…

    1. This is very interesting given the recent problems I have had with Google. While using Opera to access Milkboys on Google. I have heard the sounds of someone typing on a keyboard and on the left side of the Milkboys page there was some kind of coded inscription that replaced the lists of blogs and sites. I cannot help but wonder if Google and Internet Explorer has an issue with Milkboys.

      1. Twice now while trying to reply to Larkspur a page popped up saying “This site is now off line.”

        1. See if there are any black cars with blacked out windows parked in front of your place Bruce. Also watch for black helicopters flying over your place.

  10. I have had that happen to me more then a few times, Bruce. I thought Josh was playing games with me,but I guess I was wrong. Maybe Internet Explorer does have issues with Milkboys. I hope it’s not a Gay issue.

    1. Internet explorer would not have a “Gay” issue but they would have an issue with any site or links to porn with the word boy in the title. I can appreciate what Josh has to contend with.

      1. It’s not Internet Explorer. It’s the guys in the black van monitoring your connection to see what you’re up to. OK, they don’t use black vans any more. It’s drones and taps at central HQ.

  11. buuuut Josh ! how can I have a good wicked New Year’s Eve if my panties have to be calm ;)~

    B E A U T I F U L young man… Ongoing weekness for Scandinavian types here as well – there is a Norwegian lives in Paris [handle used to be Ludicolo on X-tube, dunno now] named Marcus [18+] who posts some SMOULDERING hot images/vids [by and of himself; he is an above average photog] on various web locations – drooooooool…

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