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  1. Yay! Finally! Cute Caterday or whatever is fine, but everyone knows a puppy is potentially the greatest thing on the planet…add a cute boy and it’s sure to be a winner!

    Thank you!

  2. Dogs are far better companions than cats. Dogs care about you and really want your approval.

  3. This is a very cute photo. On this day I have just put my long time friend and companion down after 16 years. Rome was a Husky-wolf with the most beautifull blue eyes you have ever seen.Except for the eyes he pretty much look like a brown wolf with four white boots.He had a white stripe down the center of his face with a black stripe running down his back.He was definitely a one man dog.It’s not that he went around biting people,he just wasn’t in you face kind of dog.Interesting fact about wolfs is they take a mate for life.They don’t jump around from female to female.So I guess you could say that I was his mate for life.I got rid of all his food and water dishs.When I get another dog He or she well start with new.I’am having Rome cremated and I well bring him home again.Thanks for hearing me out. It’s good to be able to tell you how I feel and I hope you well all understand,especially those who have pets themselves,it’s hard to lose them after so many years togather.Thanks again.

    1. Man, he is in the Endless Happiness Doggy Heaven!
      It’s such a loss, I know how it hurts, but you just need to think he is okay, wherever he is!! ;)

    2. my sincerest condolences. pets quickly become family / best of friends, and having them go is – at the very least – a shock, as well as a huge change in your life.
      Wow. 16 years.
      You take care now.

  4. What a Hallmark moment this is. The contented look on the faces of both boy and dog are similar and priceless. They are both a couple of warm puppies. All the brown, pink and red color tones all work together well. The boy is absolutely adorable.

  5. This “Snoop Sundays” is great!
    I love cats, they’re so fluffy and cute, mysterious and slim, and so independent…!
    But I’m really more into dogs… They are partner, friendly, almost all of them have an endless happiness (I’m addicted to this phrase XD), they can really protect you, fight for you…! Haters, I’m not saying that cats can’t do it!! How could I know, I’ve never had a cat for pet because my father don’t like them…
    Well, what dogs have of energy, cats have of grace. That’s what I think, and this loooong post is to say that dogs always have deserved photos with boys like the cats do (and now, we have it, I so so so glad!) XD

    PS: wolves are the BEST! ;D

    1. I know it’s a fantasy for a lot of males to have a wolf or a wolf mix. In my rough & tumble days living in the mountains, I knew many guys that had these. The truth is, wolves have not been domesticated for centuries like dogs. If you’re lucky, you’ll have one that won’t turn on you. And even if you do, they are not stable to be around other people and other pets. It’s something I would stay away from unless you intend to be a complete loner somewhere.

      1. You know your dog history. I fully agree with your caution and advice. Many assume or want to claim their dog is a wolf mix. A macho identification I suppose. Fact is a wolf is a breed apart from all dogs. It is a myth that all dogs are decended from the wolf.

  6. the boy is adorable / beautiful w/ many noteworthy features. that he has an adorable puppy in hand makes it all the more heart-warming.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words and to Bruce Tharp,Yes,I’am going over to the crematorium on Monday and pick out a nice urn for his Ashes. I well try to pick one that is fitting to his stature. He was a fighter and I never did realize that until his last monuments.The Vet give him a sedative and then his nurse wanted to shave his leg,but I said no to that.I said he is scared now lets not make his last day even worse.So she didn’t shave his leg and then the doctor gave him a shot of sodium pentobarbital,but not before rubbing his leg with alcohol.This they tell me is to make the vein pop up.The vet comes back in a few minutes and Rome is still breathing.The vet said this dog is a fighter,and he gave him a second shot. This did it and I have to say he looked so peacful.His eyes were open and I asked how come.He said that dogs don’t close there eyes when they die.Then they came in and cover him up in a nice blanket.They gave me the telephone number of the crematorium and if I wish I can make an appiontment to see them cremate Rome.I haven’t made my mind up on this what to do.I’ll just sleep on it.Again thanks for the kind words.Good night.

  8. Awwww…FINALLY…! A boy & his dog pic. You can see the special bond forming by the look in the boy’s eyes. Labs are especially loyal and I would expect this one to be no different. Both can look forward to many yrs of love, bliss and companionship.

  9. To Real 1.I know for a fact that this dog I had was part Husky and wolf. There is no Fanstasy here at all.Before I had Rome I had a Black Lab.His Name on paper was LORD MANN OF REVELRY the 2nd. I called him Rebel.He was a black lab,not a wolf,lab or lab wolf.The vet who I have had for a number of years told me that Rome was part wolf. He never bit any one in his 16 years but like I said he was a one man dog.I had 15 and half good years with him and that was no fantasy.I have read a number of books on Hushies and Wolfs,and it is no myth that the line of dogs do propagate from the wolf line.The eskimos bred different kinds of wolfs as work animals.So then in time the Husky came about.I’am not in a fantasy world or I’am not trying to be a macho gay man. It’s to late in the game for that.I am what I am. Good night Rome where ever you are.

  10. You got lucky in the draw. I think the bred in wolf part in some Eskimo Huskies is ideally less than a 1/4. A wolf is a wild animal…it should be left as such and free. There are over a hundred breeds of dogs-something there for everyone. What the Eskimos did with Huskies was out of necessity because they lacked enough purebred breeding stock. I think Husky purebred breeders would gladly tell you that wolf mixes have done nothing positive for the breed overall. You might want to read this and educate yourself on wolf-dogs:


  11. I was lucky,but not because of what you said Real1. I was lucky that 15 and half years ago this dog named Rome came into my life. I did every thing I could to make his life good and I feel he did his best to make my life great.The neighbors told me that just about 4:30 in the afternoon he would start to howl for a about 5 minutes and then I would pull up in my car,home at last.Some how he know I be coming home.That is a feeling that I well not have anymore.I still walk through the house stepping over the place he would be lying.Well I got to be going now.Take care.

    1. Michael, sincerely I’m not trying to take away your life memories with a wonderful companion. I’m simply stating that this mix is not desirable for the many reason given. More times than not, it ends in some tragic mishap where the wolf mix bit somebody and the dog had to be destroyed. You think communities are selfishly biased against Pit Bulls(?)…you should test them with wolf-mixes. Did you even take the time to read the info on the link I gave you? You can get the same loyalty and companionship experience with many other breeds of DOGS. Your experience shouldn’t be a poster board for owning a wolf-mix animal. It was one experience and not the norm. I see what you’re saying in that ‘he came into your life’ but advocating wolf-mixes creates a class of people that make this breeding available. Wolves should be left to be wolves….

  12. Pit Bulls are give a bad name because the are many times put in the hands of a crazy dominating owner who what’s his dog to be the strongest,toughest dog in the ring.You have a good and loveing owner of a Pit Bull or North American Bull dog you have a good dog.I’am Inspector and I’ve gone in houses with Pitt Bulls and they love you to death.I’ve aqlso gone into houses were the owner has to lock the Pitt up because it’s so vicious.These vicious one’s most likely have a very heavy chain around their neck to build up their neck muscles.This is of course to make the dog a better fighter.If they lose the fight they most likely get killed by the other dog or that not so loveing owner.I’ve had purebred and mix breed dogs all my life and I have only had one bad dog out of the lot.This dog would get under a table and if you tried to get him out he damn well bit your hand.He had to go after a time. Now I have to go.Nice talking to you,and yes I did read that info you set me. It was very good reading.I belong to International Wolf Center.www.wolf.org I think you’ll like this. Take care.

    1. Dude, I have a Pit Bull…he’s at my feet as I type this. He’s the biggest baby and sweetheart that I know. But…he can’t be trusted around other dogs…period. I have an Irish Terrier that grew up with him. You should see how they play…Pits don’t ‘play’ like other dogs and it can go south really fast if they want it to. More than once I’ve had to unlock his jaw from around her neck with water. True, he cold have easily killed her, but the point is, he deals with other dogs completely on his own terms and I can see the killer instinct in him (not with people though). He’s a ferocious guard dog, but I’m no sure he would bite a human….hope to never find out because they will make me destroy him if he does.

      And the same kinda people that you mention; that try to make these dogs vicious are EXACTLY the same kind of people I knew in the mountains that had wolf-mixes. However, the folks that do this right and respectfully (wolf-mixes) and know exactly what they are getting into…I applaud them….don’t agree with wolf-mixes, but I support their right to do it properly and with dignity.

    1. Beagles are like THE cutest puppies with those big, floppy ears. Great BD present…send some pics to Josh! We mostly have pics of boys with pussies here.;-)

  13. lol this is Lorenzo Cook. idrownideas.tumblr.com was in a band with an old video you had of a kid playing guitar to a James blunt song I think. (his name was Alexandre Lambrecht). Amazing what the internet can do….

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