36 thoughts on “Snoop Sunday *3”

  1. goooosh!!! x3
    I also have a photo of me and my Lunna sleeping on the sofa, when she was a puppy!
    cuuute!! rawr~

  2. He just came in from outside (maybe the park just down the street) playing with his new puppy pet and just flopped on the couch to catch a few winks? And his older brother (just as cute) just decided to snap a pic? :-)

  3. Here is a lad and his dog,who have just come in the house from a hard days play,and now they have crashed on the couch for some Z-time.Life can be oh so beautiful at times.

          1. we come here not to feel alone :)
            otherwise, i’ve never seen anyone from Iran here too.
            it’s a good news for me, because i prefer ppl to be religious, as i am!
            then, sometimes u may not trust flags. they may have used some tool to overcome governmental barriers.

  4. One of the most beautiful sights in this world is a peacefully sleeping boy and his pup, snuggled up close to him.

  5. He reminds me of a younger Cole Sprouse. Something about the hair, the shape of the face. I know it’s not him though because their dog was a bulldog and that’s no bulldog.

    Very nice picture.

  6. nobody loves you like your dog, an easy way to prove it is to lock both your dog and your wife/girlfriend in your trunk for half an hour and see which one is happy to see you when you let em out

  7. For me, this pic evokes feelings of paternal love and protectiveness, rather than sensuality. Probably because it reminds me of the way my son and our dog frequently snuggle together. I guess that’s the magic of photography, or any artform for that matter, it’s meaning is defined as much by what the observer brings to it, as does the creator.

  8. I really don’t think we should lock your dog,wife/girlfriend,or boyfriend in the trunk,well maybe the girl or boyfriend,but not the dog,but paul is right,see who is happy to see you.The girl or boyfriend just might want to kill you,but the dog we be all over you licking you face and so on.That’s not because dogs are stupid,which they are not.it’s because they know more about love then we well in a life time.

  9. what happened?! what made you so mirthful?! what are you admiring?! what caused you applaud?! it’s just a boy and a dog, nothing special!
    oh, mommy! i want a boy like this! :((
    it’s really hard to live with a completely opposite aspect of what you have inside. :(

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