Snoop Sunday *4

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Omnia’s album Musick and Poëtree is now available on Spotify


27 thoughts on “Snoop Sunday *4”

    1. I agree. This is a really cute boy as I am forever a fan of long, thick bonde hair with good skin. Having been a serious mid-distance runner during my youth I am especially attracted to long legs. I’d like to see other photos of this boy.

      1. This boy looks familiar, like perhaps – Josh – we have seen him in a pic or two before on this site?

  1. How I imagined Swedish boys to be when I was there but sadly it seems is a myth now. Beautiful bonde nordic looks like this seem scarce there now.

    Is this boy Swedish?

        1. lol. Indeed. They have to reproduce to still exist, don’t they? I know there are quite a few girls who love Thor from The Avengers (yes I know the actor is Australian)

  2. Nice picture. As an avid dog lover, I would love to see a series of boys and dogs or puppies.

    I’m allergic to cats, so every time I see a posting with a cute boy and a cat, I get scratchy and itchy all over.

    Please, more boys and dogs!

    1. I totally agree!^^ It´s not that I hate cats, but ever since I was a kid I felt closer to canines, It´s just so much easier to understand them (the angle/position of the ears and tail, the muzzle expression…) Cats are… weird…

    Also, the song is really good! I gonna buy the album soon!

    Man, this post couldn’t be better!!!!!

  4. LOOK at that beautifully chiseled face. Gorgeous hair. Ya’ll know how I love Converse sneakers. Awesome dog too. Photoshop this young god a hammer and call the pic, “Thor, The Early Years.”

  5. First repost I’ve ever seen on MB, also heard this music before, I guess someone here likes Omnia d: ?

  6. Fuck spotify, its not available in most countries, please do not post links to it anymore.


  7. His dog “Atka” seems wary of anyone who would approach his boy and is ready to protect him. When I see a boy squat down like this, it makes me smile… Siting on his heels, legs folded and pulled to his chest, arms resting on his knees. A boy is the perfect being born to assume this easy position. Oh, to be limber enough to do that again, (and be able to stand up afterward).

  8. Aaaaaactually…. Omnia’s first track on the Musick and Poëtree album is Free. I Don’t Speak Human is the fourth track.

  9. Oh come on Mike, your not that old. Your knees are just fucked up. @ Gui Wolf. That is a Siberian Husky with this lad. It is a beautiful. I had a Hybrid Husky-wolf and they are also beautiful. In cause you are wondering,I love dogs.They don’t bitch or complain and their love for you is endless. The boy is cute also.

  10. I can just think that this is what the wolves may have sang this sing once the humans hit this earth,and I feel that the American Indian,as well as other natives of different lands,may have sung this tone once the White man invaded their land. He brought his culture and his diseases. Now before you say I’am a racists,I’am has white as a cold winters snow.

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