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  1. Woof Woof. A Boy and is Dog is truly a wonderful sight. They both get exercise, fresh air, wind and rain in their face, and it’s good for the spirit too. They both look really awesome. I once knew a Doberman Bitch who was the most best natured animal I ever came across. There are no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. But both the owner and the dog in this picture look really gorgeous. I’m guessing this boy is German/Austrian/Swiss?. He can put me on a leash any day of the week. Grrr.

  2. Looks like somewhere in Germany during the 1940’s. A beautiful teen Storm Trooper.

    1. I’m certain it was. The garden style is contemporary if not American. The hair style. the military look and the doberman gave the photo a 40’s look. This is a good looking kid. It would be nice to see more photos of him.

  3. Sorry but the tall lanky German look along with a Doberman gives me the creeps. Sorry to have said that but his look hit me before I even saw the dog. Yah, he’s hot. I was born in the ’90’s; and I can’t really explain why it’s a turn off, but it’s a turn off for me. Nothing against Germans, or Dobies, it’s the Nazi look that has me creeped out.

    1. Regardless of where the picture was taken and when, the face of the boy exhibits what I could call too much “attitude”. Maybe it’s a put-on, but it’s a turn-off for me too.

  4. I don’t know which is more off putting, the dog or the boy. The aura of sadism is a big turn off.

  5. @ Mikey: I never heard of the Nazi Look. This looks like a good looking lad who is fortunate to have blond hair,and be standing with a doberman. Now that makes him a Nazi Storm Trooper. I do believe that some of you gay folks should get off the sterotyping train. It’s not good for any of us to do to other’s what we don’t want done to us. If you know any thing about the care of this breed,you would know that the chain collar and leash goes with this breed dog. There is no sadism here,just in the comments. >>Milkboys: When are you going to make Anti Spam Check something to think about. My dog can get the answers to your check..

  6. OMG he’s absolutely gorgeous. Look at that face -those eyes, his hair, his slender body, and that enigmatic expression…

    Now for the boy. He too is drop-dead handsome. Very fashionable. And walking or tarining a pedigree Doberman on his large, well manicured estate.

    More than sensuality, this photo fairly screams MONEY. Together, they are the epitome of aristocratic masculinity – as opposed to the blue-collar, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing bottom-feeder.

  7. Well, I’m impressed with this very good looking, clean cut kid with the quasi military persona, at least for this photo. If he isn’t he should be a professional model. Like an actor he is assuming a role and very convincingly I think. I would still like to see other photos of this kid.

  8. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? When I looked at the picture, I saw a pretty and stylish boy with a nice looking doggie. If Nazi imagery. militarism, and stormtroopers come into your head, that’s kind of worrying to me.

    Aren’t we supposed to be rejecting stereotypes?

    1. Gotham is exactly correct. The comments above are odd.
      You can find boys dressed like him in any UK park on any grey or rainy day. I still dress like that myself and no thought involved. It’s just a jacket and jeans for a damp day.

      So the photographer highlighted his model by adding a fancy collar to both the boy and the dog — but where does that make the whole image descend into some kind of Nazi sadism?
      It’s likely only by posting on this blog that the sex fetish thing arises at all. He actually looks like a British model for ‘Next’.

      YUP – far too many weirdos here.

    2. From out of the human condition stereotypes will always surface for a reason. Even if they may often be an illusion why should they be completely rejected?

      1. why shouldn’t they be rejected? while the human mind may be naturally susceptible to stereotypes, the difference between an unbiased and a biased person is whether that person is willing to evaluate his/her own opinions critically and to reject stuff that does not make sense

  9. SO many picky bastards here! (Me included, often enough)
    Yes, he could, wearing the right insignia, pass for an extra in a “nazi” movie, and yes, he does (Bruce, I’m agreeing with you for once) evoke a distinctly 40s mood. But I think the “aryan ideal” is about as far as one can take the analogy. There’s no “nazi look” there, just a boy who Could fit certain stereotypes.
    He’s very contemporary, and, most important, very beautiful. Certainly a boy I’d love to see more of.

    1. I think your comment is very well balanced. I agree he is very cotemporary in his chosen attire and he is very beautiful.

  10. I want him inside me. (The blond boy that is, not the dog). I know I like to play the bitch, but that’s a bone too far.


    “Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard,
    To get her poor Doggy a bone, when she bent over,
    Rover took over, and gave her a bone of his own”.

  11. Sorry!
    Ich bin auch groß,blonde Strähnen allerdings, OK Ich bin 39!!
    Ach ja, habe auch einen Dobermann ( Spike :-) ) Gehöre ich auch zu dem Nazis????
    Bestimmt NICHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bitte hört doch mit diesen blöden Vorurteilen auf!!
    Das war lange vor unserer Zeit!!!!
    Ach ja, mein Hund hat einen kurzen Schwanz!!! lachhhhhhhh :-)

  12. mmm. You sound my type. You say you are blond tall and 39. Well, I’m blond, (blue eyes), small, 1.6 meters, 24, but look about 14, very light build and effeminate. And I love to be dominated by older men, and I’m into roleplay. I’m a student nurse in Scotland.


    P.S. I also own a Black Labrador Bitch called Heidi.

  13. Von mmm Sie Klang meine Art. Sie sagen, sie sind blond und groß 39. Nun, ich bin blond, (blaue Augen), kleine, 1.6 Meter, 24, sondern sehen Sie über 14, sehr leicht aufzubauen und verweiblicht. Und ich liebe es, dominiert von den älteren Männern, und ich bin in Rollenspiel. Ich bin Student einer Krankenschwester in Schottland.


    P.S. ich ein Schwarzer Labrador Hündin namens Heidi.

  14. Hey Whiterabbit :-)

    Ich glaube mein Spike und Ihre Labrador Hündin würden sich gut verstehen !!
    Er steht auf ” Damen” LOL :-)

  15. Hi Upi,

    Ok. But you stated, “At no extra charge” As you are the one having the fun, shouldn’t I be the one charging? Lol. I accept glass cheques. Barrs or Curries. One per hour. That’s a whole 30p. If you get me a bottle of Irn Bru unopened that gives you all night. Lol. Rubbers and Lub optiional. XD ;-)


    1. Oh God!
      Curries and Irn Bru? — Please don’t go all high brow and cultural on me cos I’m just a regular guy.
      But, sure! :) :) whatever rocks your boat (or cradle LOL LOL )

      If you are allowed to stay up after dark — I’ll treat you to a good Scottish super high saturated fats included lunch if you’re up for it .. XD :)

  16. Go figure. I leave comments in German here all the time, and never once have I ever gotten a response, German, English, or otherwise. (Yes, I am German, despite the red, white, and blue next to my German userid, which should be a clue for everyone.) Someone leaves a subtle comment about Germany in the 1940’s, and, viola, a dialogue in German! I can’t stand it!

    As for the stereotypes, which really tick me off:

    Wk2 endete vor 67 Jahren. Es ist vorbei! Verdammt!

    0552 19.8.12

  17. Hi Upi,

    Sorry for the late response, but my computer was getting repaired. You could always treat me to a Scottish Pizza Supper. The one with virtually no topping, and is deep fried in “creesh”, for that West of Scotland taste. XD. Oh and don’t forget Barr’s or Currie’s Red Kola.


    P.S. Don’t forget the “Dessert”. 100g of Soor Plooms.

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