11 thoughts on “Snoop Sunday *6”

  1. Awesome pic…. extremely cute and an equal opportunity pet lover. Who could ask for anything more.

  2. He goes well with anything you can put besides him, cats, dogs, boys and even girls…

  3. A very good looking boy, indeed. His lips, eyes, and hair are – as a package (oops, did I use that word??! LOL) – unparalleled.

    1. I would say greyhound … and the breed of the human being in the background is boy … a nice fine example of it !

  4. That is a good looking lad with two nice looking dogs. I would say that one looks like a Ridge Back. The one he is petting a believe a German dog with a name,of which I can neither spell or pronounced, but I know it is bbbiiiigggg.

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