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  1. Dudu surita is a brazilian guy like me. He’s straight, rich and so so idiot, it’s a shame for brazilian’s guys

      1. @Luciano: What are you talking about? Yes, he’s straight, (quite) rich and not exactly a genius – but that doesn’t stop him from being pretty. What makes him a shame for us? This is a picture-driven website and I reckon not a lot of people come here to relish intellectuality…

        Also, being a teen idol, he’s not exactly entitled to play the genius role. Actually, had he done it, he’d probably be unemployed. You’re actually the shame for brazilian boys, given that you can’t unbind stupidity from fame. Seriously, be a little less short-minded..

        1. Of course he’s handsome, i’m just saying that he’s just it, nothing else. kiss kiss

  2. @Luciano: I don’t understand,if this photo is of Dudu Surita, and he is straight and rich, why do you say he is an idiot. I don’t know if your speaking of this handsome lad and his dog, or someone else. That’s a cute photo.

  3. That dog is huge! Just look at that head he has. He could swallow this boy in one gulp. OMG!

  4. If a guy in America was named Dudu , he would probably commit suicide from all the abuse.

    1. Having said that, why do Americans choose ridiculous names like Newt, Bubba, etc? Maybe because, like Dudu (from Eduardo), those names are only nicknames too. ;)

    2. I tend to agree. Especially if it is pronounced as Doodoo which would be another name for caca or turd which are nicknames in a sense. There is always a story behind a nickname and his story should be interesting.

      1. I might add that most American boys do not speak Spanish or even English but they would be quick to anglosize Dudu.

        1. I forgot, the Spanish vowel sound for “u” is oo. In America with that name you might say this good looking boy would get a load of shit for a name like Dudu.

  5. Ode to my dog
    By Alex Tang


    He’s gone. He had fought the good fight.

     Bundle of joy running under the sky,
    watching earthly wonders glowing eyes,
    under the earth his treasures lie,
    once small but thou grew large in size.

     Faithful and gentle to a fault,
    loyal and forgiving to all offenses,
    proud to thy heritage well worth the salt,
    love and forgiveness heartily dispenses.

    Content to sit and together be present,
    content only with the attention given,
    hopeful and waiting in my absent,
    seeking the joys of stroking deepen.

    Years pass, my friend, seasons too,
    more gray, less tan and vision fade,
    time pass yet thy heart remain true,
    loyalty and love matured like jade.

  6. Milkies may enjoy the Brazilian webseries Vida de Garoto (ep 4 at

    Dudu does seem pretty dumb. He could be acting but who can be sure? The show seems to have no particular purpose apart from allowing the extremely cute Frederico Devito to wander about without his shirt on :D

  7. Unbuttoned shirts look so good. I never miss a chance to wear an unbuttoned shirt over the t-shirt.

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