18 thoughts on “Sound Sunday *27”

  1. Charlotte Moorman back in the 1960s did musical things with her own nude body, many times also with Nam June Paik and other artists and musicians. By comparison, this picture is a bore, just like the age we live in.

      1. OK. How about Carolee Schneemann and her work “Interior Scroll” from 1975. Search for it.

        1. Wait, so this “golden age” you speak of is a time where the greatest stuff going on was a semi attractive woman pulling/reading scrolls out of her vagina in a rich vacation town?

  2. I protest! This pic is not a bore. Thee is nothing more appealing, IMHO, than a boy with a musical instrument. Sound Sunday is my favorite feature of MB.

  3. I like the bondage thing going on, very erotic. I’d love to be that guitar. Does anyone know his name?

  4. That guitar looks VERY familiar, my Yamaha looks just like it o.O Can anyone tell the brand? Oh and that boy is a treat :D

  5. mmm, he´s very hot o.O i can´t stop look the image,
    and the guitar looks so good next to him ;)

  6. Looks like he’s stuck to a bathroom wall lol!!! Anyways, brilliant photo and he’s sooooo damn cute too. Nice :-)

  7. Poor boy is lying on the hard ground – makes one want to rush out and give him a hand….

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