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  1. He was here a few days ago giving a performance in a nearby shopping center but the crush of screaming teeny boppers was so bad that as usual with teen boy stars here, they canceled it part way through. Same thing happened with Bieber when he was here doing a similar gig. Just won Australias X-Factor. Loves ripped jeans, lobe expanders. Next nipple piercings etc??

  2. As a collector of vintage microphones I’m pleased to report that he has a fairly accurate tattoo of a vintage shure sm-55 microphone. Tattoos of anything but old microphones are unacceptable.

  3. That’s a pretty hot picture. If his crowd are the same 13 year olds that follow bands like One Direction I bet that was the closest they’ve ever come to seeing a guy naked.

  4. I’m really miffed about the ‘no lewd comments’-rule.

    He looks like heart attack material there… happy way to die :)

  5. You aren’t allowed to talk about boys in that way on the Milkblog, but nobody said you can’t think about it ;)

    ~Randy, the bubbly boy

  6. He would keep me warm on cold winter nights. How? He could fill my hot water bottle. lol. (Anything to beat the censor lol).


  7. ^^^ 11 posters above and every post was about his appearance. Not one about his actual singing abilities.

    I just finished watching his X-Factor Audition and his Finale performance of “Good Night” and I was pretty impressed with his vocal abilities. He’s pretty damn good. And quite a stage performer as well.

    Oh, yes. He does look hot too, especially in that photo above. I guess that’s as far as I can go on that front. :-)

    1. I admit I am way too shallow and I get way too easily distracted by pretty lights… :3
      and indeed… he’s a good singer too :-)

  8. this singer has a very nice, solid body. not overly muscular, but not just a normal “medium build”, either. facial features and hair, along w/ his hot choice of jeans simply lends to the overall tone of the pic.
    in short….hot!

  9. Cute boy but I am just not a fan of tattoos, body piercing and especially ear lobe expanders. To each his own but it is an absolute turn off for me. Otherwise I would agree with Kevin.

  10. He is cute for sure, but I have to agree with Bruce that those ‘gauges’ or ear lobe stretcher things these young guys do nowadays are a total turn off. Same thing with tattoos and other piercings. Just serves to detract from a young person’s nice youthful looks.

  11. PenboyX : You have hit the nail on the head about this lad. I look up his performances on the X Factor,and he is pretty good.He has something going when it comes to his paints.They must be torn or holey,but not in one piece.This is something that makes him stand out. His voice does the rest.

  12. excellent fmforums link…

    interestingly his nose ring seems to appear & disappear… much moire cute than lip piercings in my opinion

    tattoos can be good, bad or GREAT! – would like to know what he has on bis left inner bicep… off to troll the info super feeder road to find out

    Thanks Josh

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