21 thoughts on “Sound Sunday *32”

  1. Wow it seems like milkboys is getting more open to Korean and kpop related stuff. I believe you should check out Key (Kim Kibum) from SHINee. He is a diva. ^^

  2. Those are boys? they look way to feminine… Not that I’m complaining, wouldn’t mind waking up with any of them or even all…

    1. Sigh! I look forward to the day when masculinity isn’t so narrowly defined. I’m not complaining either for what it’s worth.

  3. so hot ! <3 asians.
    personaly i don't like it when boys are too feminine… but this is not too much at all :D

    1. michael jackson. yup! thats the first thing i thought as soon as they started singing, which is fine by me. he influenced pretty much everyone.

  4. Lol, “Shinee’s back!” yeah, I am glad to see more kpop stuff here too, but Hey, What about the best of the best: BEAST! Gikwan is hawt! and Yoseob is the cutest thing!

  5. Are effeminate boys really popular in South Korea? That would be my idea of heaven.

  6. I like Koreans as much as I like kimchee. The Japanese trump everything in Asia. Ask Karl Andersson if you don’t believe me.

  7. choreography is amazing, i only wish i danced half as good as them :/ also funfact about koreans; majority of them are circumcised

  8. veramente ragazzi molto belli i coreani. sono curiosi di venire con noi italiani per vedere i nostri cazzi eretti. in un locale portai via un bellissimo ragazzo in camera inizialmente quando vide il mio cazzo eretto si spaventò dovette però parlare di me con altri ragazzi perchè con me volevano venire molti ragazzi proprio per la curiosità di venire il mio cazzo eretto e di farmi un pompino.

  9. When I first saw you in the porn industry, I imlideatemy melted. You are the most hottest, beautiful gentleman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Now, the only wish I have from you is a date. I just wish wish I could take you out on a date! No catch or anything just a nice dinner date. That’s all I ever want. Think you can take that offer? I’ll be waiting Midnight Runner

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