Sound Sunday *34

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Found by Xag


14 thoughts on “Sound Sunday *34”

  1. Cute boy, but Veronica Maggio is awful. No Pat Benatar or Bonnie Tyler or Cascada, that’s for sure.

  2. The song is alright, the boy in the pic is cute, and thanks to the adorable Xag for the contribution.

  3. I liked the song and this boy is cute. Looks like a ordinary youth enjoying life to its fullest.

    1. How about, it’s not for you to see — that’s why he’s wearing underwear. Not to mention that is a really stupid question.

        1. It’s in there. Maybe he should be listening to what passes for R&B these days (sex and aggression all rolled up as one and the same).

  4. God, that song, with this picture (or any other picture of such cute guys) makes my day. ^^

  5. @Penboy.: I have to say Penboy that what you said in regards to ‘fredlobo’ stupid question was right on target. I wish I had said that.

  6. Beautiful. Wouldn’t change a thing. And to whomever it belongs, that is one of the best tumblrs I’ve seen.

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