Sound Sunday *35

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Photo by Daniel


18 thoughts on “Sound Sunday *35”

  1. Oh Gosh… I think it’s the first time Josh has posted a boy photo that does nothing to me at all.
    He’s obviously got a great body but sex appeal for me just isn’t there. Then again, I can’t stop looking at him – it all seems somehow disjointed.

    But, now I’ve been motivated to comment – so I can’t be disinterested.
    All rather weird… I think.

    1. sex appeal of a body isn’t everything. enjoy his well built body, The expression of his face – which kind of music or other stuff he’s listening to ? He seems to be quite relaxed.

  2. i dunno, the song is probably the lesser of the two attractions between the boy and the music, and it’s a nice background kind of sound.
    the boy has nice hair, eyes, face, sleek body while still have obvious good muscle tone.
    all in all, another nice combo by Josh…

  3. What a nice picture! And a pefect young man,s body : worth of any Ancient Greek sculpture of Appolo. Many thanks, Josh for posting it.

    1. Claude, I thought of the exact same thing… He’s like a Greek statue.

      He’s beautifully built, like a boy version of a racing greyhound.

  4. I can’t stop looking at this lad, for he has a gorgeous body. His legs have capture my eyes. They are so long, yet so beautiful. Yes this is a beauty indeed.

  5. He is soooooo beautiful – I want to see more of him – both more photos and more body :-D Have to keep scrolling up to have another look. Thanks for the links Captain Proton … but the web page is refusing to load properly :-(

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