17 thoughts on “Sound Sunday *5”

    1. Fluorescent lighting gets you excited? Well, hopefully he’ll use that trimmer down below and follow it up with a razor. :-)

  1. oh dear oh dear, josh you make this old man very very happy, i wont even need my Viagra!.

  2. It’s pictures like that that just make me want to lose myself in a fantasy where I make this hot little cutie suffer through an exquisite hour long tongue bath just on that beautiful smooth tummy and chest.

  3. this boy is most def sexy….his nose is a bit large but it fits him perfectly….very attractive young man.

  4. hey,josh,i like dis boy so so so much
    l m very much eager 2c his another pics…
    plz tell me d name of dis guy

    n tell me from where i can get his another pics…reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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