28 thoughts on “Sound Sunday *7”

  1. What a beautiful boy. Not pretty, but eyes you can get lost in, a nose I’m sure he thinks is too big and luscious lips. The hair–well maybe he’s been dancing to the music!

  2. what happened to putting a song with the sound sunday posts? i’d love to know what you imagine he is listening to

    1. It’s OK to love blonde boys but take it easy on your own hair. Have a little more faith in your own good looks.

      1. haha. i have no faith in my disgusting absolutely awful black hair. if it went better with my skintone i’d rather be blonde. after all they have more fun, i hear. lol.

        this boy is gorgeous. the fact that he looks more ‘real’? lol, to me just makes hims cuter. guys who try too hard, are always gross. guys who are hot with messed hair, and a plain face, are on a whole different level. :)

        1. Your hair is not disgusting. It bothers me when good looking kids like you and sulzerp do not appreciate your cute looks. Your black hair is a plus if you are attracted to blondes. Blondes are seldom attracted to blondes.

      2. i’m turning it back to my brunette next week but not cuz i want to but for a request forced in by the male whose cum led to me being in existence cuz he doesn’t want his young children from his current marriage to see blue hair. and no dog collars. I can change it back when i get back. i am thinking purple or purple and red.

        1. lmfao. i think the blue is sweet. purple’s cool too, it tends to fade quicker though, keep up with it, hair is fucking nasty if its dyed and not maintained. have fun being a brunette. still better than black. lol.

        2. I admire your spunky, individualistic attitude. The blue is cute but you would be hot as a brunette. Enjoy your youth.

  3. For those who would like an interesting (and fairly appropriate) soundtrack for this image: [1 ... or ... 2]

    1. Visuals OK w/ good lip-synching, has an accurate studio version of the ‘original’ (Top 40) hit (but with a slightly more noticeable reverb [echo] effect):

    2. Visuals not as good & lip-synching not so good either, but a better, more clear studio version of the same ‘original’ (Top 40) hit [for audio, I recommend this one]:

    Enjoy! :-)))

  4. Wow…you dudes are hard core about the ‘looks’ dept with respect to boys. I can find beauty in almost all boys. This one is ‘wildly’ cute. His lips are his best feature, other than the wild hair thing going on.;-)

  5. I don’t know what’s “protected” about it. I have no problem viewing it. hmmmmm I thought I did a pretty good job selecting the music for Sound Sunday.

    1. perhaps? perhaps not? but I didn’t want to see other visuals to hear the music, I wanted music that went with this visual. I know, I know …… nevermind

      protected = you need to be logged in to see it

      1. You don’t need to look at those visuals. So I guess you still haven’t learned yet how to use your computer and browser? It’s easy to just listen to the music while watching a different visual.

        1. Ok. I was trying to be nice. I didn’t like the song, either. And, I definitely think it went with this photo just because of one overly obvious connection. I was picturing something that reflected his current emotional state of just awakening or surprise or confusion or whatever you choose to see here – not just the fact that he hasn’t yet had time to find a comb.

          But, thanks for trying. I really do appreciate the effort.

          1. I don’t think so …. but whatever. And, duh!, yeah, it was definitely the obvious connection and for comedic effect. And I’m not surprised at all that you wouldn’t like it.

            1. I don’t understand how you presume to know what I would like, but ok. Like I said, thanks for trying. My appreciation was sincere. It was just not what I had in mind.

              Also, by definition once you say whatever, you really can’t go on “speaking.” It kinda negates the whatever.

  6. Awww, Cute boy… But he look’s like he is pissed off about something… OR maybe he just got out of bed and was shocked to see a cam in his face he got up… In any case, He still looks cute…

  7. I am also wondering why this post is protected. Is there a Where’s Waldo? style penis hiding somewhere?

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