Spirit Day

Today, October 20, is Spirit Day. You can wear purple to show your support for queer kids. If you don’t have any purple clothes you  could also make buttons, dye your hair or pubes (well, when you are a part of the minority that didn’t shave them off that is :p), get a bracelet somewhere, use pink nail polish or whatever else you can come up, just be creative! and don’t let THEM win, that’s what counts today.

We’ve also updated the milkboys header image for the occasion (if you can’t see it try pressing CTRL + F5). And, slightly off.-topic, while I was already tinkering with the design of the blog I changed the colour of links in posts to a brighter red since some people mentioned that they were to hard to distinguish from normal text.


17 thoughts on “Spirit Day”

  1. These expressions suggested above are nothing more than token symbolism. If you really want to express yourself, don’t put things on and paint yourself over (which is a cover-up job), but rather take things off. Take off all your clothes.
    Go out in public stark naked. Do it with your cute young friend. Sit down near a busy street and start making out.
    The word “spirit” is from the Latin “spiritus” which means “breath”. It is related to “spirare” which means “to breathe”.
    Blow some of your hot breath in someone’s ear, or elsewhere. Get into the real spirit of it!

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun. If only I wouldn’t get arrested for it and had a better body. Oh well, I guess I’ll just take my boyfriend out to dinner instead and not be shy about the fact that we’re gay. ;)

  2. I honestly do not own a single purple thing aside from my comforter and while I’m dedicated to the cause, it’s a bitch to clean.

  3. good thing I take a look at milkboys every morning before I go to school…^^ *ironing my purple shirt*

  4. how bout instead of wearing purple..for no fucking reason, why dont we celebrate, vladik shibanov, and it has been 34 years since lynyrd skynyrds airplane crashed into a swamp

  5. Sheesh, Tyler.

    Josh is trying to ‘begin’ a reason. In a decade this day will become (I hope) a day to recognize.

    As for Lynyrd Skynyrd – a Canadian, Neil Young, told them off years ago. They were borderline racists.

    Okay ’nuff of rock trivia. Let’s put on the purple…

  6. How funny. I had sort of independently – before I saw this post on 10/19 – to wear my purple shirt to work tomorrow.
    YAY! Good choice for me!

  7. I wore my purple hoodie today for Spirit Day. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone at my school knows about Spirit Day.

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