Spooky Samhain

Need some creepy entertainment for tonight? How about reading about Gilles de Rais, the guy who allegedly raped, tortured & killed hundreds of boys? Or Fritz Harmann, the Vampire of Hannover? Even Wikipedia has some eerie stuff. The whole internet is pretty much full of it. Or find a nice film to watch on the list of the best horror films ever made or on the list of the best horror films you probably don’t know. And if you feel adventurous while fapping tonight… well… (NSFW!)


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  1. Does Europe “celebrate” Halloween [Hallowed Eve]? Do they do anything like we do over here? Or South America? Or Asia?

    1. I can’t speak for all of Europe but what I’ve heard from friends over the continent is that some little kids do go trick’n’treating but aren’t as successful as American kids because the tradition of doing that is fairly new (10, maybe 15 years?) over here.

      Then there are some Halloween parties but I don’t know anyone who’s actually going to one of these (in Germany that might be because there’s already an occasion to dress up). Most people I know just have a cozy evening, grab some popcorn and watch horror films (and the Treehouse of Horror episode of the Simpsons, which sucked big time this year :s) with some friends.

      All this might be well different for the U.K. since they always seem to be a bit closer to the U.S. when it comes to these traditions, no idea ‘tho.

    2. yeah lots of parties, even with funny/creepy costumes, and in some areas even trick or treating, even had some kids at my door yesterday

      fun times

    3. In germany, there are a lot of parties and some cultural stuff (like the St. Martin’s Day (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Martin%27s_Day)) and such things, but trick & treat is not well common. I growed up in Heidelberg, were a lot of barracks of the U.S. Army are, so when I was young I always went with friends to the barracks were we always were welcome till 9/11 (then the residential quarters of the soldiers and their families became ghettos with 4m fences and walls around).

      1. that was probably earlier, at the time when President Bush 1st entered in the first Iraq war . As the Americans barricaded behind meter-high fences. Even the passage through these regions was no longer possible. If you were going visit the “German-American Volksfest,” you have been checked.

        1. This “trick and treat” is here partially degenerated into vandalism. When the children begging at the door will receive nothing, things are often smeared on the houses or destroyed. I refer to “Trick or Treat” as a guide to blackmail.

        2. Yes, Patrick Henry Village got fenced very early (I can not remember to saw it unfenced in my lifetime (im 27)). But the Mark Train Village (Südstadt/Rohrbach) got fenced after 9/11, and this was the place I went as child for trick & treat.

          BTW: Even the PHV got fenced, for the DAV the doors got opened. After 9/11 the DAV got cancelled completely, wat was very, very sad. Before 9/11, they even let me go without ID-Card into the “Nachrichtenkaserne / U.S. Hospital”, where I bought some american sweets on automats in the cellars of the buildings. It was so sad, that those friendly americans got that paranoid.

    4. Here in the Netherlands we dont do such thing. There are a few alternative people going out to the club with costumes, but they mostly get laughed at.
      A shame really, as I can hear it sounds like fun.

  2. Josh does it again! If you click on his Gilles de Rais link under the boy’s photo you will come to Josh’s Myths & Monsters page on Gilles de Rais headed with a great quote from Nietzsche.
    But what is most revealing of all is in the comments to that post a person by the name of Margot K Juby. She has done some serious research into Gilles de Rais which should be of interest to anyone who as ever heard of this man. Click on her name and you be led to her site. Quite an interesting woman.
    Thanks Josh!

  3. Being goth and a bit of a hedonist myself, I actually found the photo and the links to be aptly suited Halloween candy :] Thanks Josh


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