11 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *10”

  1. Cute boi, and that brings back lots of memories from when I was on the wrestling team in school… Can have a link to the thread please?

  2. I like this photo. However, I find something amusing: recently I posted a few of my *own* pictures in the forum, yet they got deleted because I missed the “age group”. The boys on the photos were 10-14. I don’t think this boy is any older! Oh well…

  3. How did I miss this? Oh yeah… I was helping paint the house. :P
    He is cute, and has a sweet look on his face. I wrestled in my private school in PA. Soccer was our best sport but we did ok at wrestling. The best chance the get close to the boy you might have liked secretly, or not so secretly (Jon and Bruce were very open about their attraction to each other). O_O <== envious

  4. Yes of course he’s not 18 but he is not posing in way to offend the “authorities”. I can’t wait until he hits his teenage years and we get a picture then.

  5. I went to Raymond J. FISHER (Junior High) Middle School in Los Gatos, California back in 1976 – 1978, 7th & 8th grades back then, 6th, 7th, & 8th now. Our colors were Green and Gold, and our mascot was the Trojan. Does anyone know if this boy is from there? Where and When was this pic taken?

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