20 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *30”

  1. He is very pretty… I love his hair. He will be gorgeous in his late teens and twenties.

    Disclaimer : If this is a ‘she’ the same comments hold true, I just would not be as interested.

  2. Very Poor judgement by the poster… Someone should have photoshopped the teams emblem out of the picture. This poor lad now has his pic forever stored on some gay website while he is still participating in the clubs lax.

    1. It hardly says anything specific. First most schools with major programs have a JR team. Also “East” and “Panthers” is overly used, and so generic it hardly provides any clues to his location or identity!

      1. Actually, it took me all of about 5 seconds to Google it and found the club. In this day and age, once something is out there, its almost impossible to remove it from the internet.

    2. Sure, it’s not too hard to figure out where the team is from but so what? The Internet is filled with team pages that have pictures of their players.

      This is clearly a carefully set up shot taken by a professional photographer, and not just a standard team player photo. You can see that there is a pretty strong fill light illuminating the side of the player’s face from the right side of the frame.

    3. I reluctantly agree. It takes about 10 sec to find their team’s website. Since this page is growing in visitors (and who know who is online here) protection of privacy of the kids should be paramount.

      P.S.: plus I’m saddened to see an increase in lewd comments about boys posted here. That’s not what it’s all about, right? Right!? o.O

  3. Ah, lacrosse; the game invented by native Americans, with a catching stick in the shape of an athletic support, how many layers of irony are there?

    And now mainly played by ‘posh’ girls (in the UK at least); brilliant game by the way. My mum, and her mum before her, used to play for her county…

    Great looking player, hardly needs saying. Does he really need those ‘he-man’ gauntlets though; perhaps girls are (were) tougher?


    1. It’s funny how some sports are seen as mostly ‘boy’ sports or ‘girl’ sports in different countries.

      When I was a schoolboy in England, field hockey was a popular gender neutral sport, while here in the US it’s almost exclusively played by girls. Likewise, you say lacrosse is played mostly by girls in the UK, while it’s more of a boys sport in North America.

      As you said for the UK, over here lacrosse is played mostly in more upscale communities and at private “prep” schools.

  4. Another beautiful blonde boy with my favorte hair color. I never tire of these pics as they remind me of my boyhood friend and lover.

  5. This is a nicely posed shot, very thoughtful of the photographer to have not asked the boy to wear his helmet, which surely would have obscured his face.

  6. Beautiful. I have a definite weakness for blondes lol!!! Particularly with long hair. He’s cute. And hopefully with a ‘lil luck (and good genetics) he’ll mature into a gorgeous young man. Nice…

  7. LAX BRO

    if you’re not aware, the “lax” (lacrosse) culture now defines white, middle class, American private school pre-teen and teen jocks….otherwise referred to as douchebags

    look up ultimate lax bro, and then look at all the paradoies made by pretty rich white boys ranging from 12-18 years old. it’s hilarious

    1. Well, I for one tend to like “pretty rich white boys” especially if they have class.

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