13 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *34”

  1. Sporty Sunday has always been my favorite post and the boys are always cute. I was a mid-distance runner during my youth so spring and summer sports have a special place in my heart. Photos like this take me back to that happy time.

  2. By the way … anybody knows what happened to twinkcycle.blogspot? It was the best but saddly disappeared :-(

  3. Thats the actual team he rides for ,
    the one on his shirt.

    There are some other fine looking guys on its’

    And his first name ist writen on his helmet …

  4. Are you serious? If so that is so funny. It is said that our name can influence what we grow into. No pun intended. While in high school I knew of this guy named Titswoth. I’d like to know how his life turned out.

      1. I posted how to find his name (without actually giving it out) and Josh deleted that too. I guess he feels it steps over the line, even if it’s not really so hard to figure out. No problem, it’s his blog.

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