40 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *39”

  1. Oh cool he has pretty much the same Spec bike I have! Obv great shot, great body & great tan too ;-)

  2. not that I am complaining (because I am not), but this boy is not the same one from 5-6 hours ago. However, this boy is hotter. lol

    1. Josh had a picture of another boy posted, who was actually riding his bike. This one is ten times better though. lol

      1. I used to know a boy like him. He was a racer in training, about 16, living and racing in the mountains of eastern PA. He did road racing and the velodrome near ABE. I tried riding with him once. He dropped me in seconds. Nice kid though.

  3. Praise the Muses! Finally a boy with nice long legs. Maybe this marks the end of the stretched torso and stubby legs that we have been treated to all too often recently? Also it’s a pleasure to see no tattoos, no piercings, embellishments, poses, pale skin and bizarre designer haircuts. Just real boy! I had begun to think they were extinct.

    1. Judging from your list of preferrences, you would have liked the boy shown earlier. A good looking, healthy, clean cut, athletic looking kid with nice long legs. I hope Josh will brig him back but I suspect there was a request for removal. If so this boy is an exellent choice. Sporty Sunday is a favorite of mine.

        1. Thanks Josh,
          The one you used now is more to my taste. The one in the picture you posted earlier is too trussed up with clothing and equipment which makes it hard to see him. Also his legs have been cropped so there isn’t much to see there, and he has goggles on. I would say 90% of his body is hidden. And that woman peering into the camera… ugh!
          No, this one you have today is perfect in every regard and very natural.

  4. I would like to have a race with him. Id probably loose, but after the match the winner may take it all

  5. Not sure if im allowed to say what im thinking lol. But I wanna see no helmet so I can see his hair :)

  6. Wow. My hole is getting all wet. I feel like a dirty old queen at 23, just looking at him. I want to be 16 again. It’s not f@@@ing fair.


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