27 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *40”

  1. So if I get aroused from this picture is it pornographic? I had some stupid… “censored” wanker tell me this site should be shut down, because SHE thinks it promotes pedophilia – I politely and adamantly told her to take her vibrator out of her hooch and still it in her mouth, cuz she has no clue what this place is really about… and by the way I did get aroused – he is so frickin hot, ripped bodies drive me insane.

    1. You tell her Junior. We shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of ignorance like that.
      I can’t understand why promoting paedophilia suddenly became the new topic in which sites could be taken down. Last time a I checked, people who are paedophiles aren’t breaking the law and paeodphilia isn’t a crime. Sure, if there was porn or something like that, I would understand but we all know there isn’t any child pron here.
      In fact, I don’t know the last time I saw a child on this site, they are all teens and older.

  2. Awesome! Speedo boys for the win! I love speedos because (other than being really comfortable to swim in) they show more of everything except for the most intimate parts… and even those are highlighted better than in swim trunks or jammers! It’s easy for me to a feel for how physically attractive a boy is when he’s wearing a speedo.

  3. Definitely, Brad. They really are comfortable, too, if you’re not worried about how you look in them. They feel like you’re wearing nothing, and they almost look like it too.

  4. check out those lips…hmm! He’s got a beautiful face :) And he looks like a big, tall boy :) yummy He’d be nice to receive a hug from

  5. So many guys who wear Speedos tuck it down, and I find that really uncomfortable myself >_< Nice to see I'm not the only one who prefers to point straight up!

    1. I had a friend who had hyper religious parents who strongly urged him to “tuck it down” so he wouldn’t show in public. He eventually wound up with a sever downward curve to his erect penis which he is extremely self conscious about.

      1. I’ve always been curious about a study between wearing it up/down versus the angle for which the enlarged member sits at. (I’m an up too.)

        1. My friend has serious issues of anger and resentment toward his parents for his deformity. He took up the practice of sleeping on a 2″x4″ board which partially corrected th problem. The anger he has today toward his father is really scary.

    1. I think you’re confused, probably the blood rushing from your brain towards other parts (:

      That site also belongs to Josh, and it’s Josh who likes to be naked, not the guy in the photos.

  6. No doubt, swimming and triathlon develop the most beautiful bodies … not too muscular and really good balanced.
    But nevertheless it is necessary to have good genetic bases … and obviously this guy did have them.
    And for the bulge in the speedo … this is not the sport … thank you daddy :-)

    The result … just a real god !

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