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  1. WOW!
    Am totally jealous….
    I wanna look like him!!!
    Anyone know a Mad Scientist? please please please =)) LOLssss…

    1. You can’t find someone like him who lives where/near you [are]? There’s 1000s just like him here. Your statement is pathetic.

      1. I may be wrong, and if I am Zeza can correct me, but I think Zeza’s comment was alluding to American boys being less likely to wear this kind of thing, rather than there being no American boys who share the same physical characteristics.

            1. “… [comandment] from God and [americans] are God fearing people.”

              That’s the problem. People need to stop “fearing” something that doesn’t even exist.

            2. Relax Penboy, I was being facetious. I’m with you on the God Thang and I detest circumcision.

      2. At the moment I saw this picture I also wanted to live in Germany. Then I realized… I do! But… no boy like him in sight :[

  2. Not crazy about that style sportswear but then you can’t hide much in them. Nice picture.

    1. I remember a beautiful boy like this who was so oblivious to anything sexual. He was on my high school track team and we ran on the mile relay together. I would try so hard to, in some way, flirt with him but it was the early 1960’s. He was so quiet and such a loner. Watching him shower was so frustrating as he was well hung yet looked, and was, so innocent. Sport Sundays are always my favorite.

  3. So sweet.. a real dream boy. I always wonder if sweet boys such as this one; truly know how beautiful they are?

    1. “…such as this one…know how beautiful they are?” Probably not. Possibly a math geek and thinks in numbers. Sex may have no logic for him, much to anyone’s frustration. Aloof and beautiful.

  4. Here’s a rare limited example of the “hate America first” crowd having a point. Regardless of orientation, Americans are way more hung up about physical sexuality than just about anybody but the Islamotards.

    If a young kid showed up looking like this at an event in the U.S., he’d at least be ejected, if not arrested and branded as a sex offender.

    How many months and millions were spent over a half-second of Janet Jackson’s nipple?

    1. Exactly, the evangelicals (of many countries) would be blowing a gasket, but hiding a boner at the same time.

    2. ‘hate America first’ ?
      I suppose negative comments about your country can be felt as ‘Hate’. You ask for it though when you have some kind of attitude that America is the leader of the free world, democratic, wonderful etc. etc. The truth is that America only has an Industrial / Military mindset that allows you physical power and not much else.

      I was watching my 67 channels of crap television in my Texas apartment two months ago and all I could find was a rerun of the film ‘Titanic’. L.De Caprio’s girlfriend was taking a shower and the scene had blurred out her boobs – no surprise there as I was in Texas and it was only 7pm. But, then I channel hopped to find a gangster film where a man was tied into a chair and suffering the most graphic torture. Realistic depiction of body parts being cut off and then doused with gasoline and set on fire.
      So you have to explain to me what kind of society considers a flash of a girl’s boobs requires censorship but the most awful beastliness and depravity one can think up is just ‘good old entertainment’.

      1. I was using the “new” definition of hate, i.e. anything less than 110% advocacy qualifying as hate. In 20th century English, “bash” would be the equivalent term.

        I won’t debate how well deserved the hate/bashing is, but as in other areas, most of it comes from ignorance.

        As for Texas, it’s a big place, but not big enough to edit/sensor individual scenes in movies. That all comes from the network at the national level. Both the boobs and the dismembering got the go/no-go at the network HQ in NYC.

    1. I know!

      I went to a college party where the theme was “naked” and everyone was…. naked. Slightly awkward since I went with friends

      but there were all these beautiful, thin gay guys walking around all REALLY well hung!

  5. sylvatica:

    Exactly, the evangelicals (of many countries) would be blowing a gasket, but hiding a boner at the same time.

    I agree with this comment so much. During Stonewall days the best sign held by a protester I ever saw was “I am your worst fear; I am your best fantasy” –held by a lesbian.

  6. This boy could and should be a fashion model. I’d love to see more of him. He has that sexy but clean, sophisticated look.

  7. I find that there is a lot of criticism coming from the peanut people.Some of this criticism is rightfully deserve.There is to much bitching about a womans breast,and nothing said about the extreme violence on the T.V and in movies. I like a full action movie and I would like to see some bare tits and butts along with it.When you can show the beauty in the human body with out shame there is less chance that a young person well go out and force sex on another person,but with the extreme violence there is a good chance that the violence on the screen well be acted out in real life.

  8. I just had to say that ,that is one nice package that lad has in those work out shorts. Most likely if that lad was competing in America they would most likely make him change his outfit.

    1. I believe that is a javeliin he is holding and he does not look like a javelin thrower. As a part time track coach I’d like to test him out in the running events. Possibly a mid-distance runner.

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