30 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *52”

  1. They look like they getting it on, its so cute and awkward when straight guys get themselves into situations that can be misinterpreted.

    I agree with you benb, the guy in the blue is really cute!

    1. I agree 100%!!! That’s definitely the “World’s Best Wrestler”. He’s cute in that movie, and the other one where he run’s from a “monster” in the woods.

  2. Oh, the boy in red is . . . . . . what I possibly say? The look on his face is also so open to interpretation!

  3. This movie was already here at Milkboys:
    in very nice HD quality.

    Oh, I like that wrestling. Unlike as with boxing it is forbidden to do each other any harm. The position in the pic represents the starting position for a second round. not what most of us here are thinking about.
    Sadly enough I’m now to old for this sport.

  4. To wrestle with an angel face like this would make for total embarrassment, if you know what I mean. Referring to the boy in blue of course.

    1. Or total awesomeness, if you know what I mean. Have you ever played winner tops loser wrestling? XD

      1. “Awesomeness” for certain thus the glory of my boyhood would just be too obvious for all to see.

  5. Most jocks can get by with determination, hard work, practice, practice and practice. But wrestling (and also boxing and fencing) requires the additional dimension of courage, to go mano-a-mano with your competitor in what has to be the most intense few minutes in any sport. The risk is real, and injuries do happen.

    Unfortunately, the last thing on these boys’ minds right now is lovey-dovey-huggy-poo-kissy-face. More likely, each is planning to pin the other right through the floor.

    Gawd they’re hot. Soooo hot.

    1. I would be working very hard to pin the angel in blue but all that heavy breathing, sweating and physical contact would be certain to wear away my resistance. If you know what I mean.

    2. There was a rock band in Ireland in the 1970s called ‘Horslips’ – do you know anything about them? They were very good (I don’t usually like heavy rock – tho’ they were centred on Irish ‘trad’ music). Just wondered… (They were ‘big’ outside of Ireland – the US, UK and Germany).

  6. Is there anything more enthralling to witness than the spectacle of two sleek. fit young males, their limber bodies straining together at the center of an arena, with the sole purpose of determining which one will gain dominance over the other?

  7. The red one looks likes he’s going through the blue ones hair looking for nits? Only looks like it of course. Hope they don’t get crabs? lol.


    God. The boy in the Red reminds me so much of my first boyfriend. The things that are going through my mind right now. I’m actually envying the boy in blue. What a lucky pup to be near such a young handsome stud. Well, in my mind anyway.

  8. @whiterabbit: In your mind is all that counts,and if your first boyfriend looked like the lad in red,he was a knock out.

  9. First thing that came to my mind when looking at the picture was…Is the Red guy stroking the hair of the blue guy XD

  10. The boy in blue is very attractive as is the boy in red but the one in blue just has the look of someone that wants to try things but to innocent to really try. I would love for a chance to date him.

  11. The kid in red is hardly plug-ugly – he seems to have a more gentle approach to his opponent than is usual in such situations.
    Maybe these boys will get it together after the bout, out of the sight of the adults…

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