26 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *53”

  1. He looks familiar ….. or at least similar to another person on TV at a sporting event. I can’t be sure because I know know how long I spent looking at his face. :-))

    1. That’s my view. It’s great if you get away with it I guess. Don’t know if I’d go for the photo shoot that way though.;-) A new take on the expression ‘out & proud’.

  2. I do believe your are very much correct. I think the lad has done gone commando,Andrew. Haven’t you ever done the same? I have and it is great.

    1. And Jake says “Only slightly revealing.” That fabric could not have been intentionally and purposely molded any better.

  3. As I recall, this is a cropped pic of FOUR boys, the others being equally wonderful to behold. And I think they were pointing to all points of the compass, (if you know what I mean).

    1. I’m still looking for the full pic, but did mind to find some breathtaking bulge lineups here:


      I spent sooo much time exploring that blog, I almost forgot what had brought me there! If you enjoyed this Sporty Sunday pic, check out “hotbulges,” you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to check out the top feature-photo on the home page… my vote goes to #4!

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