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  1. The kid in the back looks like he has his hand down the pants of the kid in front.

    Very clever kid, I say.

  2. Ah, yes… Shirts vs. skins! It always got my heart racing when coach would divide us up like that for competition in p.e.

  3. Sporty Sunday’s are my favorite. I love any sport that has to do with running. There is something about running all out shile bare foot on a grass field wearing only a pair of shorts. I loved to run and run hard. I could really loose myself when I ran. It was like I was totally free with my body on fire without a care in the world. I could always out run any kid at any distance in my school and my area. God I miss those days.

    This is a lean, healthy and good looking boy enjoying his young life. I never tire of watching something like this.

  4. That ground looks a bit hard for rugby: must be have been painful if he got downed but the other guy looks a lot smaller! It’s a nice pic.

    1. This looks like tag or flag football which is popular in american PE classes as there is no tackling and less chance of injury.

      I hate those long shorts as I always admired lean, muscular athletic legs.

      1. Bruce, you’re so right on both the game and the shorts. The proof that short shorts are the better kind is how strong and sexy the boy’s Left thigh looks, while the Right thigh is half hidden by the long, baggy shorts. As has been said before, that style of shorts should be banned!!! At least from cute boys. LOL

        1. The macho young gansta today will insult any guy wearing 70’s style running shorts while they reserve the right to show butt clevege while wearing their baggy long shorts.

          1. Each to his own, I’m rather piqued by the baggy look, leaves room for imagination – and for slipping your hands down pants ;)

  5. I always prefered tackle football, nothing like the feeling of a guy grabbing and dragging you down.

  6. At my brother’s school they aren’t even allowed to take off their shirts in P.E. class. It’s something about sexual harassment. He goes to a state school. I don’t. We take out shirts off all the time. It’s just more comfortable.

    1. What you describe about your brother’s school is becoming more common in public schools which does not make sense to me. Boys are not required to wear a shirt while swimming but on the playing field or the basketball gym they are required to wear a shirt.

        1. Oh how I really wanted to say that but thought it best not to. You are exactly right. I’m still something of a Democrate, I think, but todays liberals are not so liberal anymore and are obsessed with being politically correct. From here I could easily launch into a rant on topics beyond fem-nazis’ but that would take me way off topic.

          1. allow me to add that for me there is a difference between a legitiment feminist and a fem-nazi. A true feminist would not waste their time on boys wearing shirts during PE.

            1. The only “legitimate” feminist I know of is Camille Paglia. The rest are femi-nazis hell bent on the subjugation of all males. Since you are psychologically inclined you should know it is nothing less than symbolic castration and emasculation.

          2. We shouldn’t use the term liberal for people who violate the principles of liberalism. People who act against liberalism are not liberals.many of todays liberals are not liberals.Neo-liberals or pseudo-liberals is a more suitable term.

            I myself don’t identify with any political party.I also don’t support feminism in any form.The very term “feminism” speaks to it being about females only,and thus not about equality.If it were about equality,it would be called “equalism”.Feminazism is the feminism that pervades universities and politics.Feminazism is mainstream feminism.The feminists who are not feminazi’s have no voice.They have no political clout or educational influence.By using the term “feminism” to define themselves, all they do is give more power to feminazi’s.

    2. Obviously many kids do feel uncomfortable without shirts just because their bellies are far away from beeing “in shape”. Chubby (Fat) kids simply do feel bad because they know that everybody (not just fat hairy gays or pedos) would actually prefer slim bodies.
      The question arousing now is just: Do you want some kids to feel bad because they feel somehow pressed to show their body despite they do not feel good doing so? By the way – some kids have the problem because of Acne.

  7. I’d love to congratulate him for his winning score ;) What an absolutely beautiful boy.

  8. @ Bruce Tharp and horselips. I would expect horselips to say what he said,but to have Bruce somewhat agree does surprise me somewhat. I agree that the long shorts do thing for one’s appearance, but to have your pants hanging down below your butt does even worse. Bruce, the Democrate party is not the same as it was when JFK was president. It was a real strong,wholesome party that I believe in. Not now. I don’t know where the rugbe comes in. Looks like a football field too me. Your right Bruce, a true feminist would not have time to waste on boys wearing shirts or not.

    1. a true feminist would not have time to waste on boys wearing shirts or not

      I disagree.This is exactly the kind of thing (controlling males) feminists are obsessed with. Look at Sweden,where the feminists want to control how men pee and how men sit.Anything a male does differently than a woman is seen as attacking or demeaning women.

      1. The John Wayne Imigo does not exist in Sweden but they have some of the cutest femboys on this planet and this is the only site where I can find them.

      2. Leonidas you have outlined the situation in Sweden correctly. I have come to loath that country.

        1. Pricket is our ever name changing, flag changing troll and yes he is full of shit.

          1. That was about one restroom in one building, not about the whole country -_-

            The HuffPo might want to stop grabbing crappy nonsense from TheLocal.se, they’re pretty much the Daily Mail of Sweden.

            1. Here’s a hug .. -:-
              Hope you do feel better now .. :D
              Being grumpy is not your usual manner… and don’t let it spoil TGIF — only 2 days to go — YAY!!!

            2. Regardless of the story mentioning 1 restroom, you still have government officials trying to control how men urinate. Don’t think for a second they won’t try to spread this to include ALL government buildings in Sweden, then eventually to all places in Sweden. The fact that something as intrusive as telling men how to pee would even come up and be entertained shows the level of control they want to impose.

            3. 1. the Left Party is not even in the government so saying “government officials” are trying to control how men pee is a blatant lie and 2. that they want to spread this to more than one single office is not even speculation, it’s just sheer paranoia without any factual basis whatsoever.

  9. Liam brings up an interesting point about shirt versus no shirt.

    While going to school in Germany when I was growing up, sport was very heavily emphasized as part of the daily curriculum. Not for the prospect of future financial gain, but for fitness reasons. For the most part, that remains the same today. Part of that routine was proper hygiene. For those of you who don’t know, in almost all European countries, children were taught back then that nudity, the human body, sex, masturbation, etc., were all perfectly normal and healthy and nothing to be ashamed of. So, taking showers in school as a group was not even questioned. Current movie depictions from Europe of such activity are spot on. Hell, there are nude beaches and resorts all over where two and three generations of a family will go on holiday each year, and no one bats an eyelash!

    Here in the U.S. during my junior year of high school as an exchange student, I found it very interesting that not only were boys not required to shower after gym class, most never did! Disgusting! They would cast a puzzled look my way as I showered and walked around in the locker room with no clothes on. The gym instructor(s) would watch with chagrin. Now, a gym instructor faces the prospect of going to jail for merely suggesting you remove your shirt, or take a shower, or change clothes where he or others can or will watch.

    Thanks to today’s pedo-phobia and political correctness, that is all out the window now.

    I’m glad I grew up in the time that I did!

    0541 08.10.12

    1. DeutscheMarkus, I agree completely. I am glad I grew up when I did as well. The irony is that many on this forum think things are much better now than they were when you and I were in school, which is a major delusion, and you have given only one example of why that is true. There are many more reasons as well. I expect it to become even worse in the future.

  10. During my High School years in the 1980s here in the USA, very few if any boys showered after gym class. There was a brand new shower facility that nobody used.
    I suppose things were diffrent in Europe.

    1. “Solar Plexus” and “Sienna2″, thanks for your input.

      Solar, you are most correct when you say that today’s younger people are delusional in thinking that they have it so much better. They have no idea of the times back then. If I lived back then in a society as it is today with all the war, terrorism, fiscal irresponsibility, and political bickering as the country slowly goes down the toilet, I would never have emigrated to the U.S., joined the Army, and gained a dual citizenship on the fast track as a result. I would much rather spend all year round back at home now! My apologies to anyone who thinks that un-patriotic of me, but the truth is the truth.

      Sienna, your brand new shower = ditto! I had the whole damn facility to myself! And, yes, things were, and still are, VERY different in Europe. I think even Josh can attest to this. As I stated above, all matters concerning the human body and sexuality were looked upon liberally and with an open mind, which I think is one of the reasons there was less of a problem with sexual hang-ups and deviancy as there is here. The problem is on the increase, however, as pedo-phobics (and as others put it, femi-nazis, a term that would get me arrested back home if spoken in public) have spread their delirium throughout not just Germany put pretty much all of Europe.

      My motto to live by, in the words of Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy:

      Learn from yesterday, live for today, and look forward to tomorrow ( and sleep this afternoon).

      0635 09.10.12

      1. I spent 18 months in Baumholder Germany courtesy of Uncle Sam back in 1966. Following my tour of duty in Vietnam I tried to be discharged in Germany but was not allowed to do that. I can fully understand why you would want to go back.

        I did not learn the language but the people seemed so respectful and the country was so clean and well organized. I do not recall seeing much poverty and in my limited 18 year old mind Germany seemed to be in good shape economically.

        1. Bruce, forgive me for not already thanking you for your service to the Republic. Thank You. And heartfelt thanks to every veteran who frequents this board.

          1. You bring up an interesting thought. I’m sure there are a few veterans on this site but had never thought about it. Us Vietnam vets snuck home in our civilian clothes and we were called rapists and murderers. There was no yellow flag for us. But you know that and I assume you are a vet yourself. I was stationed at Long Bin and Saigon from 67 thru 69. I was there for Tet.


        2. Well, Bruce, you are just full of surprises!

          One minute all is well between us, then you leave a snarky reply to one of my comments (one that I deduced to mean that you thought I was the “name changing, flag changing troll” – Ref: A Boy & his Pony (10 Aug 12), quote: “Ah, the many faces, names and flags of the one who trolls here.”) You stop responding to any of my comments after that, leaving me wondering WTF?! Actually, I don’t blame you when I called you paranoid later on, so what gives now? I thought I was getting the cold shoulder.

          Your experience is different than mine in that I grew up in Germany, you were in the military. Big difference! You can only guess as you were on the outside looking in. By nature, yes, we are respectful, but also strict in social mores, and very regimental. That could explain how you saw the country as “so clean and well organized.” And, yes, economically the country is strong, more so now than ever before. Most countries in the EU look to Germany the same way most others in the world look to the U.S.

          Getting way off topic, better stop before Josh slaps me on the wrist! He doesn’t seem very happy about the negative comment about Sweden (if memory serves, that is where he is from).

          0559 10.10.12

          1. I honestly do not recall having you in mind when referring to the troll problems on this site. I did find the paranoid comment offensive. On two occasions several members came to my defense when I was obviously railed at by what was supposed to appear as several posters. We really do have a troll problem here.

            I did try to look for the Aug 12 quote to see in what context I said that. I will continue to look. In any case I can see that you are a contributing regular on this site.

  11. @Markus: You where so lucky because here in the U.S.A. political correctness has taken over where good old fashion good health care was. Your right. After gym boys/girls need to take a shower just to not smell all sweaty in the rest of the class day. Your also right about the gym instructors being liable for prosecution if he’s just making sure that all goes well in the lockeroom. No matter how you look at this we have substituted so called safeguards in place of common sense. These so called negative safeguards unfortunately cloud these young minds in a way that is not good for them or use.

  12. I thought this was a boy’s blog. Most of the comments above appear to be from older men. Just wonder if all the old guys are pushing boys away from this site…

    1. I’m one of the old guys and I have had the same concern. We do have some rugular members who are in their teens and they are highly regarded for their input. I for one appreciate their comments. Most if not all of the regulars here seem to be a sincere and intelligent group to include the teen boys who post here. If you are a teen boy I would encourage you to stick around as there is so much to learned here re: gay history, politics, culture, attitudes, trends, etc.


    He is a cutie isn’t he, screw all the BS, Thanks MB’s!

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