18 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *58”

  1. The boy facing us has a wonderful face, and a great haircut. He reminds me just a bit of the kid that was in the “World’s Best Wrestler” video. I think this boy is even cuter!

    1. Dave, I AM following his eyes… those dark peepers of his are captivating! In fact, he’s a work of art.

  2. He’s a Greek god! I want to worship at his altar.
    Bulldog! Bulldog! Bow Wow Wow…

  3. I not be thinking that this boys eyes and mind are not focusing on any boner,but on how to pin this boy with that big package to the mate. This be what his eyes are a saying if any thing.

  4. Presumably he is watching the other guys hands ready for him to make his move. Wrestling does seem to attract good looking young guys. Particularly in Eastern Europe.

  5. If what Bruce Tharp said is true, I like to see some bully go after some gay wrestler. He just might be biting off more then he can chew.

  6. i really enjoy wrestling, (not wwe mind you) and when it mixes cute guys and wrestling even better.

  7. For [amateur] wrestling fans (and nice looking blonds with plenty to look at :D ), I think a lot of you would enjoy Win Win (2011). Here’s a trailer:

  8. The lad in the photo is one Fredy Stroker, now aged 16 and is apparently a very successful wrestler.

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