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    1. please refrain from rating underage boys.

      there’s paying compliments and then there’s tastelessness like on hot or not

      actually that’s how facebook started……………………………

        1. @ Bruce, yeah no one teaches their kids that erection at that age just happen and not because of sexual feelings,in my case I would’ve been embarrassed because they would’ve definitely been sexual! But most kids don’t notice they have one during puberty ages until.someone freaks cause he must be gay… if you pay attention high school and college wrestlers all have one while there in the middle of a match, its a blood flow thing lol

          1. @Khaos. erections are also common during periods of aggression. I wrestled in the 133lb class and a lot of tall, slim, cute guys are in that class. During those matches my “blood flow thing” was often sexual and I was definately embarrased.

            1. Lol, dude that’s what I meant by blood flow! Its not just aggression either. Fear can cause them as well. Any moment of increased blood flow can cause one, heck at that age a kid picks up a dollar off the ground and that moment of happiness is enough to cause one lol! I’m a mixed martial artist and I get them in the ring all the time and most of the guys I fight definitely aren’t my type, thank god I wear a cup!

        2. no. it still makes him a tasteless cock going around trying to measure people like that.

          underage is straying into pedo territory.

            1. because this site is only for rating underage boys out of 10?

              no, I’m here because it is a good site for assisting gay youth.

              but having quasi-pedo-ephebo-whatevero comments ON THE FRONT PAGE edges it that little bit closer to getting shut down because:

              1. the server hosting milkboys gets cold feet about hosting an ephebophile (not even a word) board.

              2. worse, the authorities think it’s a front for a “child porn ring” and a whole lot of young users get put under investigation. they won’t find anything, but just being investigated for that can ruin lives.

              when the first thing people see visiting the site is some faceless dudes drooling over young boys, and asking if they are “bottoms”, it’s… not a good look

              but no, i’m a prude.

            2. And I don’t care about the pictures, I specifically refer to the lewd and sexual comments that are banned by the rules.

              Calling a boy good looking is fine. Asking about his favored sexual positions, or using some rating format like on some bad porn sites, is not.

          1. OK the boy looks to be atleast 14 in this photo and has clearly moved into the stage of puberty where the child body begins the transformation into the adult body. This would make everyone making googoo eyes over him an Ephebophile not pedophiles. Grant it he is within the age range that many boy are sexually abused, ages 10-14. This is because at 14 some boys still have their child body and are not yet in that in-between stage. I am against any form of child abuse but what is being said here and what is physically being done are two different things. As long as no one is going out ans picking up a little boy like him ans coaxing him into bed or looking for porn with kids under 18 in it I fail to see the issue. This site for the longest had a banner that even called it an Ephebophile site. Heck there are even photos of boys around his age naked on a beach. Perfectly legal mind you, nudism not porn. So relax dude. The site manager will erase anything that goes to far or falls into the realm of illegal.

            1. I think you’re confusing this with another site because we never had such a banner here.

  1. See, I wish there had been one of these in my gym class. I would have enjoyed it so much more. Granted, I think I would have payed even less attention.

  2. As an old jock, Sporty Sundays are my favorite. I ran and wrestled with the cutest guys. Boxers and kick boxers were not as cute. God I miss those days.

  3. All I have to say is why the crap whereby we allowed to go shirtless and wear under armour shorts when I was in school!? I personally wouldn’t have worm them because I’d have an everlasting hard on but dang I’d have enjoyed watching the other boys! ..XD

    1. Yeah, it was fun. I often wrestled someone with a hard on which cannot be hidden in wrestling tights. Not too many guys go out for wrestling today because “it’s gay.” The tights are an issue with most american boys.

  4. Lovely :) Probably a silly question, but why if he’s a wrestler is he holding a ball? And the people behind him don’t look like they’re wrestling..? I know nothing about sport.

    1. Good question, Bruce. I’m not sure so I looked it up somewhat, but I think it’s a “Team Handball” — smaller but still looks similar to a “soccer” ball. See if this is the same thing (just different color and markings):

      If not, then I don’t know which sport it is.

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