19 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *60”

  1. Very sexy, and I wonder what he’s thinking or looking at. But a beautiful body, and so graceful in motion, I wish we had a video to go along with this photo.
    Are there anymore of this handsome young man?

  2. Super handsome and hot. Love his smooth armpits. :D

    Is he Czech, Romanian, Russian? Does anyone know what country he’s from? There’s lots of good genes in those areas. :D

  3. lovely looks :) w/o a doubt an angel of athleticism and if he should become a fallen angel I’ll be there to catch him. ^^;

    Until I know his name and background that’s all I can say about him.

    Ah, I so wish I was his age again so I could swoon over him in public as well…

  4. He is so gorgeous. I wish there where more photos of this lad. What a beautiful body and what a handsome face this lad has.

  5. I was on my high school gymnastics team in Philadelphia. We had a few boys like this one. It’s a shame that boys’ gymnastics is not as popular in the US as in other countries. Same for mens’ volleyball.

  6. Okay, but not great. I understand he is handsome, but not all what you guys say. I guess it’s true, beauty or handsome is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. Great looking lad! He participated in the 6th Austrian Future Cup (2009) and based on uniform colors, my guess is he’s on the Hungary team.

  8. For those of you who enjoyed “The World’s Best Wrestler” video, here is another video starring the same young man, by the same director.

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