20 thoughts on “Sporty Sunday *61”

    1. My exact words. This was a glorious time, with lots of cut-off shirts with bare bellies where I was.

  1. Sporty Sunday is my favorite. It is always fun to see carefree kids at play. This is a healthy looking boy with a beautiful tan and a decent pair of shorts to show it all off.

  2. This must be a picture from the 1970s. Look at those boards! And those shorts! Is this a set-up or did kids REALLY dress like that?

    1. Liam…I was never completely comfortable wearing those shorts…I guess because of the stares from the other Q boys. But I guess I did plenty of staring as well. We were all Q’s then…nobody would admit to being gay. There were also somewhat baggy, suffer shorts to wear with cool designs and of course my favorite-cutoffs. I spent an entire summer down there skating in those dry swimming pools and roadways in ’72 or so. I wound up in a few of the films, but only in the background. Look for a tall, skinny/muscular auburn haired kid…..

  3. How can he even DO that? What a delightfully lean body. I am so envious of his skill and figure.

  4. Try to find copies of Hugh Holland’s videos like Tropical Workout, Border Buns or Bronco’s Bandidos. They are hottest things you will ever see!

  5. See the documentary; Z-Boys/Lords of Dogtown. The most beautiful boys ever to walk the face of the earth and all the attitude they could muster. The more recent movie is OK, but it’s a recreation of actual events. The documentary was filmed over time as true skateboarding history was happening and forming.

  6. WOW and holy shit is right…. There boys are amazingly sexy…. The boy up front is stunningly hot and also can’t keep my eyes of the hottie in the back in the short tight blue shorts. He has a nice tight body and a beautiful bum… Thanks for sharing and love to see more of Hugh Holland’s work….

  7. I prefer the boy in blue shorts in the left of the photo. He is cute and his rounded bottom is beautiful (and hairless)…

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