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  1. Hmmm, I wonder how he got that scar? It looks pretty serious and not that long ago it was done.
    He’s gorgeous though in spite and adds character to such a fabulous boy.
    Me wants. :)

  2. I to wonder how he got the scar but, with that hair and the freckles and otherwise perfect skin, what scar?

  3. The scar is a minor issue, what I’d love to do is just wrap my arms around him and hug to no end. Look deep into those beautiful brown eyes and give him a light tender kiss, and tell him how much he’s loved.

  4. I’m slightly confused regarding this segment. What aspect of the featured pictures befits “stalker”?

  5. sinal takes beautiful pix. have seen many on ‘young lifters.com’ his boys are beautiful too. this boy is beauty in itself. natural blond hair and a beautiful profile. how wonderful.

  6. my boyfriend had hair like that where various shades and tones of blonde sat next to each other. absolutely beautiful.
    And yes, Sinal has had some nice shots posted here and there of boys just such as this.
    thanks josh…

  7. Cute kid who will become a very good looking teen. Nice profile. He just might loose the freckles as he matures. I did and I had similar hair and skin color.

  8. Can someone tell me why I always want to hug those cute buys 1 or 2 years younger than me? I see them and just want to hug them, touch them, be tender, whatever… it’s unbelievable *_*

      1. Haha, yes maybe ;-) In my school there are 2 boys (brothers), I think, 2 grades below me, so like 13 or 14 years old. They are the cutest boys I’ve ever seen. Luckily it happened that we became friends and so we greet each other everytime we see. They cause the same effect =D

  9. I don’t think it’s a scar. It’s a scrape that will disappear in a week or two. Cute boy for sure.

  10. Sort of makes me wonder if he needs a friend to talk to? I wonder how he got that scar that looks like a long knife edge. Last night I rêvé about it. I rêvé that he had a step-father that liked to beat him up and he slept out on the street where a mugger threatened to cut him. I woke up crying.

  11. I’m not particularly sure why, maybe the scar as well as some other comments, but this photo has made me realize I need to enjoy my youth while I have it…
    but I feel the need to seclude myself from being publicly involved because where I live being who I want to be is a dangerous practice…
    Anyone have any advice on how I can maybe create something for me to look back on in the future as to have not wasted the final years of my youth? (I’m 16, that’s not the end of youth but it’s a good segment)

    Also…. cute boy ^^

    1. Keeping a journal can be invaluable not only as a way to work through your current struggles but as something to go back to later in life that helps us stay in touch with our roots, our core being. I kept a journal for many years when I was young and my musings back then still guide my life today.

    2. Kevin, after reading your posts for a while now I would never have guessed that you are only 16. I am at a loss for the advice you ask for and yet I have been where you are now. My private struggle made a wreck of my life and yet it provided me with an inner strength I would not have otherwise.

      You say you live in a dangerous place. There are places in this country that are gay friendly and have minimal crime and violence. Eugene, Oregon works for me but I’m sure there are other places as well. You are lucky to grow up in a more accepting time. I sinserely hope you have some kind of support. Be safe and try to enjoy your youth as best you can and that will create happy memories to keep you warm in your later years. I did.

      I can appreciate your concern. You are young only once and for such a short time. I still can’t believe you’r just 16 especially after the couple of exchanges we have had. You take care.


    3. You, and many others before you, have come to the same realization. It’s not good to be afraid of your future, even if you have good reason. Do you have good reason? If so, maybe distract yourself with fun things, even if you can’t really live your life the way you wish you could. Some of us, in our declining youth, threw ourselves into various endeavors, which helped us become really good at whatever it is we do now. When you come-to from all the distractions you invent for yourself, maybe things will be different… You’re still capable of enjoying life at any age, if you can maneuver yourself into the right situation… and having what you need in the moment can erase regrets or thoughts of past years wasted. I have more regrets about my own youth than I can count!

    4. Join a queer youth group/GSA even if you’re not queer….the diversity and experiences there will follow you the rest of your life. If there isn’t one specifically where you live, there is probably one at the nearest university. Just don’t become a ‘pickup’ at the university queer group, unless you want and/or are ready for that.

      The journal idea is great…you’ll have moments of greatness along with moments of silliness. A lot of the time in rereading, you can tell where you’re headed and where you have been. Wonderful stuff……

  12. This picture can be found with others in the final set i made at the Sail Amsterdam event last year. Sail was a marvallous nautical event situated in the original 17th century harbour. The weather was great but we have to wait 4,5 years for the next edition. In this set you find all the pics I couldn´t think of a theme. Hope you did enjoy.
    The photos are in full HD-size, a closer look will tell you it is a scar, at that time I didn´t notice at all, I only saw beauty.

    Download here the final set:


  13. A great picture with a beautiful subject. Love it’s simplicity. Yes, the scar is MOST intoxicating 2 look at and the boy will no doubt be a ‘knock out’ as he matures into his full teenage years. Nice.

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