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  1. I love the innocence of boys at that age. Pretty sweet picture here with these two totally involved but unaware of what we’re thinking.
    Something about this makes me smile inside.
    Stay free young ones, stay free.

      1. Great example is Speedo swim trunks. No kid in the US would wear those. Never. Europe that is all they have. My grandson in middle school joined the swim team but would not wear the Speedo’s swim teams wear. They now have Speedo’s that are longer and cover more but he still did not like it much.

        1. Unfortunately, in the 5 years I have been living here in Europe, there has been an obvious trend away from Speedos by many boys so the influence is growing sadly here too. Small trend at the moment but enough to be definitely noticeable.

        2. From the eighteen years I live in the Netherlands I havent seen any teenager or 10+ with a speedo. And I swim quite a lot.

        3. Doesn’t anyone find it very odd that teens and older won’t dare wear speedos because of what they ‘might show,’ but immediately after swimming, they put on their baggy pants and sag them so that their ass crack is showing?

    1. I have to disagree with Misnbluq. I wish it was that simple in the US. Possibly in Europe but not here. This could never happen in public with out some remarks much less the looks. If they were on the playground at school during this and it was only a few seconds they might get away with it with it called horseplay. They appear to be 12 or 13 and that is the age of no touching at all in their young minds. They are very conscious and worried of what everyone is thinking.

        1. Yeah i know… in all America i guess, i’ve been from Argentina to Mexico and i haven’t seen something like this; everybody is worried about what everybody else think of what they are showing…

    2. Why do you people have to make everything sexual, they are just two boys playing, pushing one another and stuff. With you guys it’s always sex this sex that, speedos…

      1. I agree…boys that age often test their muscles against each other by pushing and roughhousing….by the expression, I think it’s nothing more than that.

      2. It’s not about considering their behaviour as something sexual. Though it could be sexual and there’s nothing wrong with it.

        It’s about the behaviour of boys these days is determined by many shitty stereotypes: some boys can’t even touch each other in any way that could be considered as «wrong», sexual.

    1. They are cute. When I was their age, I would not dare act like that in public. But I wanted to and I had a number of boyhood crushes at that age. Back then “queer” was the word. Gay did not have the connotative meaning it has today.

      1. You would not dare act like WHAT in public? What kind of insane childhood did you have Bruce?

        They are obviously near some pool or pond and pushing each other around, maybe into the pool or pond where they got their pants wet to begin with. I would assume this would pass even in a convent without raising as much as an eyebrow. What the hell is everyone reading into this? Am I missing some hidden erection, or cum spots? And hell, they are even at arm’s length away!

        1. @ Crazy Pony – you’re right.
          i think everyone IS reading something into this!
          i hadn’t noticed the wetness on the hem of the boy in the shorts, an that would account for the other boys pants rolled up so high, as his hem is wet as well.
          perhaps they are by a fountain or one of those water things that shoots water [i don't' know what the heck there called!LOL!].
          and they are merely horsing around trying to get the other one wet!

          1. Haha, you and GuyNextDoor have hit the nail on the head. OK, it can be fun to use one’s imagination, but it’s likely these two kids are just horsing around. Bruce, I’m sure you did stuff like this when you were a kid too — it’s just no one took a picture at the particular moment people could perv over. (Or were you really that afraid of being seen as gay? I know I wasn’t really fully aware of my sexuality until around 16 because of the region I grew up in, so from personal experience I imagined this kind of horseplay is non-threatening, but I don’t mean to pretend to know what you were like growing up, only that you must have been a nice kid.) Yeah, Americans have stereotypically been a bit afraid of the platonic touching that is common in most of the rest of the world, but it doesn’t mean a bit of playing around with mates doesn’t require some kind of physical contact. ;)

            1. Actually, it used to be age dependent in the States. You could be all over your best bud, if it looked in some remote way like roughhousing. Holding hands…no. But grab-ass, hugging disguised as wrestling, arms around each other, yeah.

              Just about anything was OK, as long as when the other boys were looking, you could mock wrestle. Loads of good times I can tell ya….but sadly, no PDA’s like holding hands and kissing. That went on in private or underwater skinny dipping.;-)

              Do most of that today and hear, “Dude, that’s gay.” I guess I miss that the most; seeing boys arm & arm to celebrate their friendship and show the world the splendor of males with males.

        1. Why are you thanking “god?” “God” had nothing do to with you being where you are …. it’s your parents only.

          1. oh here we go again…..
            you just cant resist shoving your theological views down EVERYONE’S throat can you…

            1. oh here we go again…..

              ………….. with your stupidity and hate (of me). You just cant resist shoving your ignorant views down EVERYONE’S throat can you?

            2. Stupidity?
              I have no hate of you, where does it say I hate you?
              Let me look again.
              Nope, I don’t say it anywhere.
              But once again, you prove yourself to be an idiot that you are.
              What I hate is you’re deity bashing, which is NO better than gay bashing.
              That’s right, you heard me.
              Just because someone believes in a God, does NOT give you the right to belittle them, (which you most certainly do) anymore then someone belittling others for being gay.
              And I have a feeling that my “ignorant view(s)” (concerning YOUR deity bashing), may well be shared by others here as well.

            3. my above response is aimed at PenboyX2, in rebuttal to the at present comment #26 where he says this:
              “oh here we go again…..

              ………….. with your stupidity and hate (of me). You just cant resist shoving your ignorant views down EVERYONE’S throat can you?”

            4. @ Dewboy,

              I definitely agree with you…. and that’s partly why I don’t get on this site much anymore…. too many people are more narrow minded than the people they claim need to be more open….. the extreme hypocrisy is mind boggling.

  2. Cute!!! Guy’s at this age have such a playfulness to them. Love the guy with the sunnies on, just wish u could see the other kids face…

  3. Oh Ed, you seem to be overlooking something here. Boys in the US are getting much more touchy-feely as of late. Anyway, im not sure many people would really give much of a thought to what these boys were doing, even if they were say, 16 instead of 13ish. Its pretty obvious that they enjoy eachothers company, so for most people apart from the overly prude, they would not even bat an eyelash at the action.

    1. Right! No one in his right mind would bat an eyelash at this action from anyone at ANY age!

  4. Two different views of how people would react to the lads in the picture, from two American contributors (Ed and MikeyWolf) – maybe from very different parts of the country? The behaviour doesn’t even look specifically gay to me, just a kind of play-fighting assuming they’re in the process of pushing against each other rather than just standing still and grasping hands. Good to hear from MikeyWolf that American boys are becoming more touchy-feely; I’ve noticed this evolution amongst the youngsters at my workplace in the UK, several of whom are much more likely to give each other a full-on hug these days when greeting a friend after a period of absence or consoling them if they’re upset. They’ll accept a hug from an adult too, given the right circumstances. It’s the next stage of intimacy after high-fives!

  5. They sure are cute! They are at that age (12 – 13) that makes them simply adorable! They might even be brothers.. same hair color and skin tone. In the US this kind of play is acceptable. It’s not like they are kissing and making out!

  6. So we are discussing speedos again. I guess it is not considered manly to show off your package by wearing a speedo, wrestling tights or God forbid, a tuto. However, showing clevage is macho.

    Comment was inspired by Penboy

      1. That was a typo. The word I had in mind is tutu. Think of leotard for male ballet dancers.

        1. LOL!! gee, I knew you’re from a different generation, so i figured that was something they wore back then, perhaps similar to a toga… ;)

  7. Paul101 has a great point, so i dont mean to strike down what Ed said as fact, but at least where I’m located (midwest) it seems people are less taboo about males becoming a bit closer to one another. At any rate, progress is welcomed :)

  8. What did I start here on speedos. There are tons of comments here since I brought that up so I feel I should comment again. MikeyWolf, I am also Midwest US. I have a grandson on the East coast too. I get two views. His and mine. (oh, and 36 others here). It would be ashamed if European boys are getting away from speedos. That was my dream vacation someday to sit on the beaches there and burn my eyes out. Darn. I think the problem comes from the last generation that now have kids and the sex abuse that is coming in from all sides from clergy, teachers and on down. They, and the schools have taught the kids that showing off too much and touching is wrong. Most kids will not even say hi back to you if you say hi to them in the mall. Stranger danger. Good eye on catching the wet pants in the picture. I was wondering about the bare feet. I want to feel now that they are near water like a fountain downtown or something like that. Also like I suggested in my first comment that horseplay is involved. I doubt that they are showing any public affection at all. Just kids being kids, and kids will get more casual in and around water I think. If they had shoes on and were walking somewhere away from water would they hold hands like that even in horseplay? No kids that I know. Of course they could be brothers too and mom is standing right there beside them too. I can only hope that touching in public might be on the rise. I do not see it yet. I have asked kids before, and most gay kids with a boyfriend still keep it secret within a group of friends with no public affection shown. They probably would not be bullied here in the Midwest, but they would be treated different if it was known. Back to speedos, the age bracket of these kids, gay or not, would not want to show off their “package”. Possibly at 17 or 18 years. That is why they wear loose clothes to not show off anything. Very interesting and I still love the picture.

    1. Please do not read my comments if they appear too big before you start. Next time I will split it into four short comments.

  9. It’s just 2 boys playing at push/pull. Nothing sexual at all. It’s a bit like arm wrestling. A show of strength.


  10. I have to agree with Whiterabbit and others here. I see no sexual connotation at all in this picture. Just two young lads involved in some mild horseplay with each other, possibly at an inner city wading pool, or some other water feature on a hot day. I remember doing this sort of thing with my best friend when we were their age. What fun times those were, and I truly miss that sort of friendship and intimacy we shared way back then.

  11. You guys have got to be kidding me. Seriously guys, kids do that kinda stuff all the time in the US. Do you guys pay attention to kids? Obviously not…. and obviously you’re disconnected from you childhoods, or you never had friends when you were a child.

    Or maybe you guys are reading more into the picture than whats actually there. I see two boys hanging out together and messing around. Which happens like…. all the time <.<…. god I swear people on this site are so negatively focused.

    "That wouldn't ever happen in teh US!" ….. despite if I look out my window and actually pay attention I could see the same occurrence hundreds of times.

  12. As far as I know I have never posted on this site before. Of course I am getting old and the little message on the site says Welcome back so who knows. Anyway I just posted two short comments back when this started with the picture of the two boys. Now There are 50 comments here. WOW. You guys are tough on each other. I hope you were all kidding and just enjoying the picture. I have to stop here or Benjamin will call this too long. Good night all and God Bless. Opps, that could cause a panic. Gosh Bless. Nite.

  13. Now, I have my own theory. These two are too old (12,13 or 14 years old) to play that kind of games in public, so maybe they are just couple acting playing :) For me, this picture is awesome, don’t ask me why. Bow with red shirt is cute ^^

  14. Let me clear some things up:
    – these boys are brothers
    – they where pushing each other towards the water
    – their father stopped the wrestle
    – im my country it is no problem to show affection between brothers or good friends
    – in most Mediterean countries it is commen when 2 friends meet, boys and man as well, to hug and kiss on both cheecks. Under influence of immigration you can see this habbit more frequent in the North European countries too.

    1. Now I am curious. Not to be rude but you know this how? You took the picture or you were there watching? As I said before I agree on the brotherly horseplay and no sexual at all. Alot of the comments here were thinking that there was a gay relationship between them. I think most of the conversations have been to where and what extent would boys in various countries even horseplay unless of course they were brothers or at the pool or beach. The rules change there. It is still a great picture and cute kids. I wont touch the kissing on cheeks deal. I am glad we dont do that in the US. I thought that habit was dead everywhere by now.

        1. Very nice. You win the whole debate here. Well, I dont see any speedos on the beaches of your picts so far and I still wonder about this cheek kissing :) I love your site and picts. You are in my favorites now so I will keep up with you. Thanks for the information. Excellent photography.

  15. Here is something to think about. Say that the computers on 2111 can read this comment board and doing so what will they think of our comments? Where will the views be by then? Or go the other way. Time travel. Print out the comments and the picture and go back to 1911 and have people read our comments and view the picture. What would be their comments?

    1. I downloaded this file but its of 2 boys at the beach not the same 2 boys in the photo above. Will you please put all the photos of the 2 boys in the photo above in a separate zip and share the link here? Great website by the way!

  16. ~Whoa all this chatter over a cute pic!
    Here’s a quirk in the works: the kid with the
    sunglasses is blind and the other boy is just
    helping him! Just my first impression the way
    he was looking down and to the side but still smiling.
    Ok, just a hypothesis but the way everyone was
    all over the place from speedos to little lovers.
    ~How’s about just…CUTE PIC!

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