29 thoughts on “Stalking Saturday *32”

  1. All the pretty boys posted are from the Netherlands.

    Good job on the pic. Sick of the nudes.

    1. I agree on BOTH accounts lol!!! What IS it with boys from that part of the world? And YES, too many nude boys. Leave something to the imagination plz….. Butt yeah-this guy is CUTE!!!

  2. Oh, hello there. Agreed with slickers above. The Dutch seem to have a monopoly on fabulously gorgeous boys.

        1. Yes it isn’t possible … Rusty is right … “… your speakers bleed”

          You only need to download the whole serie … and you have the answer to your question … and the boy from every angle :-)

          1. thanks hiram. i did just that last night after i left here! wonderful series to be found there!

  3. U know I bet half the boys in these pics are straight. O well we can still dream :)

    1. OMG!!! My heart just melted lol!!! The pic above doesn’t do him justice compared 2 the one u just shared. A beautiful boy with a REALLY great smile-THANKS!!!

  4. He’s lovely and I am fond of Dutch boys too. However I know Sinal and I know he takes these all over Europe so he is not necessarily Dutch. It’s a great shot though. I don’t know how he does it in these paranoid times.

    1. Sinal is a great photographer. He’s featured on another web site called “younglifters.com”. He submits several photos every week along with the other people. No frontal nudes or exposed privates on that site either. Suggest you guys add that site to your itinerary.

  5. LUVS a boi with flushed-red cheeks! And when his forehead gets like that too, it can mean only one thing, he’s on the brink of…

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