Stalking Saturday *7

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Photo by Boybeauty | Music by Grant Campbell for The Burrowers

19 thoughts on “Stalking Saturday *7”

  1. He is adorable… and he is either very thoughtfully trying to come up with a lie to get out of this game or just not terribly happy. But who knows… I would love to play chess with him and talk about whatever he wants. :) Knight to King’s Bishop 3.

    1. oh well.. have you ever seen pictures of yourself in a very concentrated state? he’s just deep in thought.

  2. I always love play chess, sometimes…. However I’d play chess with him whenever he wants! And he’s not sad, he’s just thinking…. he’s prettuy cute….

  3. this boy looks very familiar. have we seen pictures of him before?
    and he is indeed very good lookin’…
    and he plays chess.
    smart AND good lookin’ :-)

  4. He’s definitely going to win. As HOT as he is, and with that open shirt, NOBODY playing against him could possibly concentrate on the game.

  5. I agree with the comment of ‘horselips’ more than any other comment above. Totally white-blond hair is particularly attractive because of its rarity, and I love polo shirts too (my own favourite summer wear). ‘Lucello’s’ comment is silly, unless it’s supposed to be ironic – ‘creepy old men’ is such a terrible cliché. The picture may equally well have been taken by a charming young man in a totally upfront way…

  6. The smart boy in picture playing chess with a great concentration because he wants sure win with white soldiers

  7. He is handsome, isn’t he….and as far as his ‘look’, he is obviously studying his opponent’s move as HIS timer button is down, indicating he has already moved and is waiting for the other player to do something to respond to. I hope he won the game as he has already won several hearts….

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