12 thoughts on “Stare Off”

  1. What’s the name of his guitarist? I can’t understand what Ronan said …. either because of his accent or I’m not familiar with that type of name.

    What is the second video you mentioned above?

  2. I would never lose staring in to his eyes, for that matter either of the two lads would keep me staring..

    Much too young, but still I can stare. Right?

  3. He’s so cute! If you go on ronanparkefanclub.com they have a bunch of photos and videos and news of him.

    edit: oh i see the link put up by this site has even more photos

  4. It sounds like Matt Rowe Penboy, I could be wrong though. The other video is Ronan challenging British TV comedian and standup Harry Hill to the staring contest

  5. Ronan is just so damn cute. Wish I could give him a hug but he is so tiny and fragile I might crush him.

  6. Bruce and I agree…. Ronan is just adorable. Mannerisms, voice, singing ability, looks…..geeze! Lol.
    I sincerely wish this young singer the best … Ronan, you deserve it. Ur workin’ hard, kickin’ butt, and sounding amazing!

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