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  1. OMG!!! LOVE IT! ^___^ i love everything about this video the music, the boy, the camera angles(except maybe the piercings, i likes my boys natural) XD oh and let the “hes too skinny” “ANOREXIIIC” comments begin :P

    1. Yes the piercings need to go along with the cigarete. A really beautiful boy and an exellent video.

    2. ”hes too skinny” ”ANOREXIIIC” comments begin.
      Luntian, to paraphrase you, i add ANDROGYNY comments begin :D

      1. I love the androgyny look. Kind of like a chick with a dick and without the games or the headach.

      1. brown eyes, brunette hair, black heart.
        i had to bleach it for the blue to show.
        only for the blue.

  2. Reasonably attractive model.

    Camera and edits were crap. Today’s videos & movies are ripe with these crappy camera shots (usually out of focus or super-quick takes to get them into focus) and fast edits tell of the truth: they cover up technical incompetence (and by default if there is one: incompetent director). With only very few exceptions, the only “slow edits” were shots of him with the liquor bottle and him smoking a cigarette — both uncool for a good looking teen his age.

    I’m a technical photographer (and have been using computers [PC-types] in a practical way pretty much since their inception) — both with film and digital — and it’s easy to see how these technical incompetents do all these super-fast edits and wash-outs mostly just to cover up their sloppy mistakes. And I know this just like everyone else who works with technology — you make many mistakes before you create something you can be proud of — and attempt to call it ‘art.’

    Just because he is attractive, don’t get so carried away that you can’t see the crap around him.

  3. OMG he’s sooooooo hot! I love the song and the style of the video to but yeah it is a bit messy the way its been put together but who cares when he’s soooooooo HOT!

  4. He is a skinny young fellow but he is rather good looking. As with a few others I think he could do away with the cig. I have never smoked one in my life. The drinking also if, indeed it was really alchohol and not a prop, I think is inappropriate for one his age. Neither am I a fan of piercing even tho they do seem to fit his face. Too, the video needs a bit of work itself. I am not an expert like some but I too don’t think it was that well done.

  5. He’s good looking, but he’d look a lot better if he ate a few decent meals and maybe lifted some weights.

  6. I love his looks… piercings can be alot of fun to chew and suck on. They heighten his sensations… whereever they are. :D

    Smoking is the one thing I’d love every one to stop. It is simply an expensive, pointless, smelly habit but Ive gotten past it so many times it isn’t really a deal breaker. Not like bad hygiene! OY!

    1. damn!…he REALLY does look like a woman/girl in some of those pictures….certainly not like a proto-typical Israeli guy…he looks much more sexy in the ‘boy’ pictures and the vid….and I am SOOO glad that neither Aaron or I have ever smoked. I can barely tolerate being around ciggy smoke…it stinks so bad.

  7. <3 the beginning – of him awakening.
    00:07 onwards the sun reflecting on the fine hairs on his arms.
    Though that nose ring and eyebrow piercing make me cringe . That must've hurt.

    1. I agree. He has a beautiful, sensual and very expressive face. He seems to be capable of flirting with the camera. I’d like to see what PenboyX could do with him in a photo shoot. How about it PenboX? I really would like to see some of your work. I bet you would use up a lot of film on this guy. I’m serious. try to contact him. At least get some photos of sulzerp.

      1. I’m a technical photographer, so he and anyone (in here) can flirt with someone else’s camera. I don’t do portraits or models (other than for my personal collection). And I wouldn’t flirt with the legalities of photographing someone that young. After reading the nightmare scenarios in Josh’s post about “helping hands” — forget it. But to weigh in for that post, I think it would just be better to offer photographic advice, suggestions and/or critiques of someone’s work. (First advice: get some windex and towels and clean the mirrors!)

        But thanks for your thoughts. :-)

  8. Oh and to sulzerp:

    I absolutely adore your blue hair =-)
    Do you do your make up yourself?

    I know it can be tough being an individual ,
    there are so many crude peop. out there , but
    then again there are plenty of really nice and interresting people around . Milkboys is proof of that.

    Btw. i often say , when someone critisizes my ways – normal … is boring.

    Love , hugs =-)

  9. beautiful boy, and quite sexy; but too narcissistic (my personal opinion). Thanks, Claude

    1. Thanks so much for your post. I am happy to see that he made it into film. I suspected that he could act. I don’t think that Israel is tolerant of gays hence the marital status.

  10. Not bad. I enjoyed the line: “Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?”^^

    I enjoyed the drinking and the smoking sequences and, yes, he’s certainly easy on the eye….

  11. agree with penboyX the photography and editing suck. don’t care if kid wants to kill himself with tobacco and booze, that’s his choice. skinny, YES! music also sucks!

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