27 thoughts on “Superboy”

  1. How is this NOT cute? I won’t even go into any of the technicalities of the photograph — it’s just too cute.


      1. I really had to “LOL” after reading your first line! Does the Queen’s English need to learn sarcasm — before the upcoming royal wedding?


  2. Yes he is cute! Btw thanks Josh for setting up the friends connect. It makes it easier to keep up on new posts since I get notified in my google reader.

        1. OK, sorry, I didn’t notice any redness because of the extreme brightness flare next to it. ‹(•¿•)›

  3. ngabear. You bet me to that pun.


    I wonder if he wears tightie whitie’s?

  4. Marvelous expression; I get the feeling he’s about ready to burst into laughter, or he just did.;-)

  5. I saw a boy who looked just like this, except with blonde hair, walk into where I work today… I couldn’t stop staring like OMG!!! Super cuties!!!

  6. i know this boy =) <3333 hes amazing and yeshh soo sexy =)
    ur lucky hes gay, otherwise he'd be mine :P

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