12 thoughts on “Superheroes can’t be gay!”

  1. Excellent,

    ” Vigilant isn’t latin for gay”.

    Nice one, centurion!

    Like it, like it.

    1. Probably got worried people would take it seriously and think that Milkboys was promoting pedophilia.

    2. You’d think people would understand “parody” by now.
      eg. did anyone watch Borat and think he was actually some guy from Kazakhstan?

  2. There are a few: Wiccan, Hulkling, Northstar, Rictor, Shatterstar, Lightspeed, (Ultimate)Colossus, Anole, Striker, Bunker, in a alternate universe Mister Fantastic is married to the Human Torch instead of the Invisible Girl, etc. The new heroes are having more heterogenic characteristics…

    1. And that’s just the Marvel side of the equation. You can also add Batwoman (DC) and Apollo and The Midnighter (Wildstorm).

      1. Bunker is DC, from the new Teen Titans, but that is as far as my knowledge of the DC multiverse goes.

  3. wiccan and hulkling I thought where always one of the cutest super hero couples. There was another gay hero back in the Malibu comics. Tried to save his boyfriend with his powers, and accidentally made his cancer worse. When I read that one I cried.

  4. Guys even the most ‘want to be Isis’ boy (see US Saturday mornings long ago with Captain Marvel – I still remember “O mighty Isis. Winds that blow on high lift me now that I might fly”) out there has dreamed of being a Superhero! We want the power to be our selves and that is what this vid is pointing to. Take a deep breath and note the guy (this is a guy site if you do not feel male pretend) in your space. He is the superhero for having the guts to be him self.

    Aries does not start wars, just ends them…


    1. Thanks for the ISIS reminder. Although watching again after all these years it looks a touch … pathetic :)

  5. John Constantine is thought to be a bisexual, althought that possibility has never been explored in the comics.

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