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  1. Camera angle from behind and below the shoulder?????

    That’s right, just tease them with stupid camera angles and crap all over the screen so you don’t have to actually show them what they really want to see.

    You can see the Directors, Producers and Cameramen in South Korea are just as homophobic and religious infested as here in USA.

    1. As the old saying goes, christianity can literally fuck up a wet dream. Lots of young mormon guys duing their obligatory missionary spreading of the plague (Gawd’s word) in South Korea.

  2. this is just reinforcing the stereotype that it is horrible for two boys to kiss. I’m not amused.

    1. I’m not either….looks they are enduring some kind of forced torture. And the crowd is reinforcing the ‘forbidden’ behavior.

      1. Yeah, it’s like straight middle-schoolers joking about being gay. The humor is based on the idea that it’s something wrong.

  3. There isn’t much at all I like about Korea or Koreans. On top of that their food is dreadful, like kimchi which is some kind of rotted cabbage. Can’t Josh find some cute Japanese who don’t have all these sexual hangups that the Koreans do.

    1. “Can’t Josh find some cute Japanese who don’t have all these sexual hangups that the Koreans do.”

      Everyone is different, of course. But sexual hangups? You obviously haven’t watched many ‘cam videos’ from their gay and curious population. From what I’ve seen (enough to enjoy what I watched) , they’re hardly “hung up” with sex. But, with regard to their society …. and religion …… well …………… right now, “no comment.”

      But, I would like to see other Asians who are just as interesting, if not more so ……. Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians and even some Indians. The Eastern Smorgasbord can be never ending and very filling and satisfying, I assure you (and I speak with experience)!

      And, kimchi? I’ve actually watched Koreans (in Asia!) request glasses of water with their meals for the sole purpose of dipping their kimchi into the water to “rinse and cool” them off!

    2. If there are any sexual hangups in Korea it would have to be an american import. America’s biggest export is gangsta (c)rap and christainity. Both are regressive, depressive and ultimately distructive while advocating their respective mind numbing and brain washing gosple. But christians have created the most complicated neuroses in history of man to the point that the DSM threw out the term neurosis in favor of more so called “discriptive” terms that actually skirt the issue completely which is !SEX!! Christains and especially Christian America just can’t get out from under the sexual debacle they have created. I think Koreans, for the most part, are to sophisticated and intelligent to fall into this religious fervor.

      1. Bruce
        South Korea is the fastest growing Christian nation in Asia. It will very soon be only the second nation in Asia to be majority Christian. Not to mention Moon’s demonic influence which is very strong there. You call this sophisticated and intelligent? Wow! Now that’s a leap of faith. There’s a good reason that Karl Andersson is learning Japanese and NOT Korean.

        1. I admit I have not kept current with what is current in Korea. I only knew that christainity was gaining some popularity there. Sad to see an actual take over.

    3. Show some respect for cultural difference? It’s funny how some LGBT people consider themselves to be the most open minded and culturally accepting when they actually have no respect for sth different.

      1. Extra funny when such comments come from Americans of all people, the only Western country where you have to fear for your life when you’re trans*, where gay kids get bullied to death all the time, where women get life in prison for letting a teen touch their boobies and where atheists in many places are not allowed to run for public office!

        But South Korea is the country with the Christian fundies?


        If that isn’t the text book definition of hypocrisy…

    1. Thank you! At least Taiwan TV shows them actually kissing without resorting to [constant] cutting to and from idiotic camera angles meant to hide it. And, they’re not afraid to show one’s obvious reaction to the kiss — his erection. :D Hell, they even emphasized it — twice! — something that USA would never do unless it was so spontanious they couldn’t have time to edit it, such as Janet Jackson’s nipple being so briefly exposed. (What a social joke that was.)

      American social “morals” are so fucked up, they won’t show an “innocent” kiss (OP), but they will show a father kissing his son and dozens of other cultures kissing each other on the cheek (twice!) and the Arabic ‘Prince” holding hands with an American President (who is so homophobic and religiously fucked up) on national news.

  4. Bruce tharpe way to be ignorant on rap in it’s different forms. Not every rapper is a gangsta and not all gangsta rap is crap. I’m so sick of seeing people continued critism that rap is homophobic when numerous rappers big name ones at that have come to support it. Then Frank ocean who no doubt will be the next kanye west coming out as bisexual and gaining alot of acceptance. Not all rappers are homophobic infact not even really the majority.

  5. Nice to see prejudice residing in the LGBT community as well. It just reaffirms my faith in humanity, you know?

  6. I’m sorry to offend anyone but this clip seemed stupid and immature. This is the kind of TV stuff that turns gay kids off. It’s not how I want to be represented, giggling, shocked and embarrassed.
    The fact is that me and my friends are open about our feelings (but now flaunting GAAAAAY!) in public. This seems to be some throw back to what my Mom called “Spin the Bottle” game.
    To me, it seems, a lot of Pacific Rim societies often show same-sex behavior as shocking or surprising when in reality they are more clued in to it than American. Perhaps, to get through their censors, they must act this way.

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