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  1. what a terrific short film, i presume its about the sexual awakening of the kid, i thought the music just fitted the action, really good.

  2. Technically, it was very good, albeit a bit of over-dramatic. And the boy is rather good looking, could almost call him cute.

    Storyline: Typical hetero bullshit with their standard obsession with breasts and cleavage.

    Music: Quite interesting, I rather liked it … but couldn’t see any parallel with “swimming.”

  3. i assumend mabe incorrectley, that the boy is swimming in his emoitions or somthing like that,anyway i liked it SO THERE….

  4. “Storyline: Typical hetero bullshit with their standard obsession with breasts and cleavage.” Hmmm.

    I don’t like to tell you, but for most people, being hetero isn’t bullshit, and neither is their obsession with breasts and cleavage. Would you say being gay is bullshit?

  5. jamiecam:

    “Storyline: Typical hetero bullshit with their standard obsession with breasts and cleavage.” Hmmm.
    I don’t like to tell you, but for most people, being hetero isn’t bullshit, and neither is their obsession with breasts and cleavage. Would you say being gay is bullshit?

    you are so correct my friend..

    1. Very typical. Some of you see just a few words and are so quick to jump in and send in negative comments without taking even just a few minutes (or even seconds!) to consider and understand the context in which I stated this. Is the heterosexual lifestyle bullshit? Of course not and that should have been obvious. But I see now that it wasn’t so obvious to you. So, let me spell it out for you:

      Context #1:
      First, this is a gay blog (thanks, Josh!) and it concentrates mostly on good looking teen boys (again, thanks!). So for me to watch a video about an (overly “angst”) straight teen boy (and he is good looking, to be sure) oogling over older females’ cleavage and their breasts, well, to me, that’s unnecessary bullshit in my life and interests. I would have rather watched a good looking teen show his angst over whether he may be gay (or at least find other males more attractive and not completely comprehending why). If this video were for the audience of generally straight teen boys, I would have had a very different reaction. I’m gay and I have no problems with that (as many others have and will have). So, I would prefer it if more “gay angst” teen videos were shown. But, this is Josh’s blog/site and I bow to his selections.

      Context #2:
      This should have been even more obvious. The bullshit is that our media (regardless of which country you’re in although some of Europe show a bit more common sense in this regard) is so quick to show as much female cleavage and as much of the breast as they feel they can get away with, ad nauseam (at least to me). Yet, in the same parallel, this teen was directed to cover his crotch (I am aware of its obvious connotation) so that he will not expose his [perceived] excitement – just like 99.9% of all boys/teens/men in TV, movies and any other media (except, obviously, porn). We have had this shoved down our throats for our entire lives: that showing female cleavage and breasts (save the nipples) is totally acceptable but showing even just a vague outline or bulge of a male erection is immediately considered pornography, or even, ghast , child pornography (yet, all the while, we offer verbal jokes – usually embarrassingly bad ones — regarding male erections)! I can remember only about 2 or 3 main-stream movies that actually showed a [young] erection bulge/outline in their briefs. One I remember is French and another is Australian (both released in either the late 60s or in the early 70s).

      Now, do you understand why I called this “hetero bullshit?”

  6. I liked this film. It opened that psychotic world of children for adults to see. Interesting he should get an erection from this rather than feel he killed her through his rejection. Who knows… but I liked it a lot.

  7. seriously i know im gay but those ladies were cute .there hospital uniforms were a bit loose to .for me the story was good

  8. srry every one for my seriously bad language. im o ps3 it’s really long writting on this thing and i’m mostly french

  9. That was excellent :)
    Really enjoyed it, the message of the power of sexual urges overcoming our sense of the world when we’re at that age.

  10. I got a little weirded out by the Necrophilia. What does this say about his behavior when he gets older?
    And I’ve never quite gotten the straight guys like lesbians thing.

    1. Oaksong, You will never quite get what straight guys like lesbian things but maybe they say the same thing about gay things. Some of you really need to think before putting your comments down because it’s making you look like idiots. This was a interesting clip and at first I didn’t think I was going to like it by I do try to give things a chance and I end up liking it!

      1. Justin, he’s hardly an “idiot” merely for posting a question that I’ve heard many straight friends in real life say out loud. The only idiotic thing here is you slamming him for posting a gay-related thought on a mostly gay-related website.

  11. I’ve seen this clip before, but can’t remember where. I found that it was rather Oedipal in the he was fantasizing about his mother kissing the other woman. For him to get an erection from THAT was what I found odd.
    Great coming of age clip, though, it showed typical teen reaction to beautiful women and how they fantasize about sexual situations with them.

  12. It’s so funny reading on this blog that people get ‘weirded out’, or ‘feel uncomfortable’ or find things ‘odd’ by things shown.
    I mean most in this blog belong in the category that was attempted to be put along the committers of ‘crimes against humanity’, the most loathed, despised, shunned people on this planet. Classed as the most deviant, perverted beings imaginable, with evil desires and incomprehensible thoughts of rape. As the film maker Solondz said ‘People would rather have dinner with Osama Bin Laden than ‘one of those’.
    In my life (42 years) the most intolerant people I have known have been transexuals. Next have been homos (against those who love younger than they).
    Please stop this nonsense we keep reading on this blog about some being ‘grossed out’, ‘disturbed’.
    This is a lovely little film, and truly very, very far from being in any disturbing.

  13. I am dissapointed with this posting. I come to this blog to feel a connection and understanding with others in the facet of my life that is my orientation.

    If i wanted to observe and see a heterosexual teenage boys desires towards women, I would go to school and pay attention to the boy sitting next to me’s conversation. In addition to this I would also watch some American television.

    To come to a gay blog dedicated to satisfying a mostly gay audience and entertaining them and seeing a video about heterosexuals… pretty much bores, disgusts, and bothers me.

  14. At the very end the older nurse looks at the boy and sees that he does not find her attractive like the other nurses….so she dies???
    That’s so sad.
    Btw, the boy is awesome. My favorite kind of face with those big clear eyes.

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    1. MegaUpload logs IPs and threatens users to give these IPs to the police right on their site. Filevo doesn’t store any IP logs at all, neither of the uploder nor of the downloaders, that’s why I chose them.

      1. The TOS for Filevo forbids even mere nudity, as well as copyrighted material.

        Here are a couple of the relevant bits from the Terms of Service.

        * Pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive images or videos are prohibited. Copyrighted material are also strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to decide appropriate content and can delete images or videos at any time without User notification.

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        Filevo is commited to cooperate with any and all legal authorities if an investigation should arise.

        Here is the URL to the full TOS: http://filevo.com/tos.html

        1. Nudity isn’t the problem since I don’t upload any nude stuff. And copyrighted content… what else should they say? The difference is that they don’t save logs unlike MegaUpload who not only save your IP but, as I said, also clearly say that they will your IP to the police.

          1. I pay close attention to sites like that. If the ToS becomes as anally retentive and compliant, I have to determine if it is much use to me. And then delete the account and tell them why.

            Most of the laws and legislation against nudity and pornography has been added to critical laws against child endangerment. It is an easy way to by pass the court’s decision that nudity and pornography are not responsible for bad or even deadly behavior.
            Just as the authorities have gotten around our civil rights under the guise of ‘protecting’ us from home grown terrorists as well as external terrorists.

            If people do not put up a fuss over this shit, we will lose whatever benefits our system can provide. Art, music, popular expression – all of it gone due to one law or another that spreads out enough to cover it all. It has all happened before and been fought… now the fear mongers have the perfect ‘in’ : child porn and terrorism. Both legitimate problems for our society and excellent fulcrums for those minority moral fascists who want everyone to live by their obsessive standards.
            We see already how stupid its getting. Wait until it gets really bad and you have the authorities looking over your shoulder all the time.

            If ACTA passes it might effect copyright infringement but it sure as hell will effect the distribution of free or public software. Just another nail in the coffin of freedom in our societies. If you think its ok. Great. No problem. But someday it will effect you and it will be a bit too late to remedy the situation.

            1. “MediaFire is designed to be used as a File Sharing service. It is not meant to be used as a long term backup service for important files. Mediafire does not recommend that you upload files for long term storage as they may be subject to deletion if they are not accessed. ”

              That’s why :s

              Plus Filevo doesn’t store any logs about the IPs of the up- and downloaders.

  16. I think it is about sexual awakening, awareness, and curiosity mainly, but there are other themes going on. There is an Oedipal element in the boy’s attraction to his mother, although the entire Oedipal complex is not portrayed. The comments of the men who are eying the boy’s mother underline the pervasive and fundamental influence of sexuality in the everyday lives of humans, or at least of males. Humans are sexual creatures first and foremost, and much of what we experience in life relates to our sexuality or is interpreted through the filter of sexuality.

    The social and psychological effects of the sexual attraction/rejection dynamic is explored in the death of the nurse. The boy transforms the scene of his mother trying to resuscitate the nurse who collapsed into a scene of amorous sensuality. I’m not sure if this is playing on a lesbian angle, or just genderless sensuality, about which the boy’s awareness is growing.

    As his awareness grows, so too does his arousal. He reacts by covering his erection in a display of embarrassment. Besides being the best way to indicate the boy’s arousal to the viewer in light of laws and the prudishness of most individuals in society, it also hearkens back to the Oedipal complex and the fear of castration by a father who may be angered at his son’s attraction to his wife. (I’m not suggesting that Freud’s ideas are necessarily right, but there is some reason why humans continue to instill or transmit to their offspring feelings of fear and furtiveness around certain expressions of sexuality. Pity though it is.)

    I enjoyed the clip. I’m gay, but I’m also human, so I can relate to the story regardless of the genders of the characters. This portrayal will have more widespread appeal than one that featured same sex characters. It is simply a fact that most people find themselves predominantly on the heterosexual portion of the spectrum of sexual preference.

    1. “As his awareness grows, so too does his arousal. He reacts by covering his erection in a display of embarrassment.”

      I can see by your response, this and other directors of his ilk love you – you’ve just shown you’re the perfect audience they want. We don’t know that he is, in fact, aroused. He was directed to cover his crotch because this director wanted the viewer to assume he is aroused by “what he saw” [more appropriately, what this director, through editing, wanted us to think he saw and react to in his [director’s] way. Yes, this is very technical, but that is exactly the point I made earlier.

      “… best way to indicate the boy’s arousal to the viewer in light of laws and the prudishness”

      You can accept that as a “correct” answer. But, in fact, on occasion on TV and in the movies, you do actually get to see a boy’s/teen’s/man’s crotch [covered, to be sure — obviously not revealing any signs of erection, but showing a bulge or something of an outline, nonetheless. So it’s not that they can’t do it; they simply bow to the religious right’s and assumed government’s “authority” to not show anything [visually obvious] resembling male arousal. But I think, seriously, if this situation were to ever go to court, most would have to accept the fact that it is a hypocritical “custom” to do so (versus explicitly showing female cleavage and partial breasts). Unfortunately, no one has the balls (and $$$) to take this on in the courts.

      1. In the first statement of mine that you quoted I’m referring to the character portrayed by the young actor. Of course the character is directed to act in a certain way. It’s immaterial whether the boy was truly aroused or not. It’s an act, not a documentary of real-life events.

        With respect to my second comment that you quoted, you assume I accept it as the “correct” way. I never said such a thing. I merely observed that it is prudent given the legal and social climate. A safe choice for the director, not a challenging or controversial one that pushes the limits.

        Please don’t presume that you know what I think and how I reason. I advocate complete freedom of speech, which to me means speech that is hindered by nothing but my own personal ethics. I accord to others the same right I appropriate for myself. I can still accept the film short for what it is and enjoy it.

        1. 1. You appear to still not grasp the parallels I was referring to by showing what was directed and what could have been if they wouldn’t give in to the obvious hypocritical (or “double standard,” if you will) ways of the far right. It was obvious that was the character as directed. But I don’t think you’ll ever get it.

          2. I said you can accept — not that you must accept it. And it appears by your writing that you basically do accept it “prudently” …. and I was stating that if the right person had the impetus (and the money) to fight this hypocrisy, he could probably (eventually) prevail in our courts.

          You really need to evolve into a larger-celled insect or you could be swat into oblivion with that style of writing.

          1. seriously dude, you only get one ‘long’ response per post. we are all here for the same reason: to appreciate the male form, and the young male form in particular. This is def not a philosophy class, and we are def not here to have these long argumentative and somewhat agressvie and definitely abnoxious conversations. I read the comments because im curious about what others think, but yours just seem to pollute the board, wayy too much bro, calm down a bit, nobody here comes here to get angry as much as you do, just chill out, and shut the f*ck up, so the rest of us, can hang out, have fun and enjoy what we came here to see.

  17. it’s a good movie, i think. i wonder why some of u think that it’s not enjoyable. is it weird to be normal? is it abnormal not to be a queer?!
    it’s the attractiveness of the opposite sex. good for the boy. he won’t have any problem in any society. he will not have to prove himself and his feelings. it’s acceptable by the society. and good for the girls the boy is attracted to. ;)
    it’s an innocent attraction. some other things may mean something in the movie which i couldn’t find. for example, why the old woman must die?
    i wish i would have the same feelings as the boy. in such a case, i wouldn’t have such much great threats and i wouldn’t have to cover the power of my feelings in the whole of my life and share it with some rare ppl like me mostly in the internet.

  18. Maybe this outcry against the “straight-propaganda”, relates to the fact that, out of all behavior modifiers, children are extremely subsceptible (spelling?) to reproducing videographically recorded behavior…

    Like billabongjer commented on, thats why they lace mainstrem TV with “hidden” heterosexual messages – it’s one big brainwashing machine, designed to keep the minority down, by protecting the kids from “gayness”.

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