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Periodical Political Post *164

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  • US engaged in torture after 9/11, independent review finds
  • Porn’s negative effect on teenagers exaggerated, study says
  • Canada says science has no value if it doesn’t benefit economy
  • Physicist Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel
  • Swaziland makes it illegal for witches to fly broomstick above 150m

College Boy

No stranger to controversial subject matter director Xavier Dolan’s work is always fierce and distinguished. And with his new music video for Indochine’s College Boy he’s causing a stir in France.  The black-and-white video stars actor Antoine Pilon as a high-schooler bullied by his classmates. The video takes us from his tortured time in the classroom to his life at home where he acts out his more violent impulses in the comfort of his bedroom. Again we see him back in school where his peers continue to taunt him, beat him up, and urinate on his face—culminating in his being crucified and shot at in the school yard.

Indochine – College boy (Explicit)

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Dolan and Indochine are using these heavy images to make a strong statement about bullying and they seem to be more specifically making a point about homophobic bullying. However, French TV has already censored the video and it’s caused an outcry amongst other channels as well. Speaking to Le Figaro, Dolan responded to the video saying, "It seems absurd to me that the clip is censored. Is it really more violent than all the movies that arrive on our screens every day? The question shouldn’t be – did I go too far? It should be – what’s stopping a group of teenagers from going this far, given how powerful the gun lobby is in the U.S."


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Periodical Political Post *158

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  • Early HIV drugs functionally cure patients in about one in ten cases
  • “We ‘try to collect everything and hang on to it forever”’ says CIA
  • UK move to drop debate on climate change in schools faces backlash
  • Another study says illegal downloading doesn’t impact music sales

Periodical Political Post *156

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  • Gay marriage ban is not sex discrimination, Australian judge rules
  • British anti-gay Cardinal admits that he and others had gay sex
  • Meanwhile, some clerics are convinced the pope himself is gay
  • Polish Nobel peace prize winner shocks with anti-gay comments

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To this Day

To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

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A Boy is a Girl is a Superhero

There are plenty of animes tackling subjects like being transgender in a rather creative way (Sailor Moon comes to mind) and there are even more about cross-dressing. Western cartoon on the other hand rarely ever dare to go anywhere near this. Until now.  The Canadian/Australian co-production SheZow features the animated adventures of a twelve year old boy who becomes the worlds finest female superhero.

Twelve year-old Guy Hamdon is a natural cut-up who fancies himself an extreme dude with his own macho catch phrase, “It’s a GUY thing.” Guy lives the dream of every rough-and-tumble boy when he discovers an awesome power ring which transforms him into a mighty superhero! Pretty cool, huh? Well, there’s just one tiny catch… the ring that gives Guy his amazing super powers was only meant to be worn by a girl and the result is absolutely she-larious! Guy must use his super powers to battle mega-villains while sporting an outrageous female superhero costume… which actually ends up helping him tremendously on his own personal journey toward becoming one heck of a super man.

SheZow has more she-puns than you can shake a she-stick at, she-seriously. SheZow which is currently only available in the Australian television market on Network Ten with select episodes on the show’s official YouTube channel, is a new animated superhero show aimed at children in the 6-11 year old range. SheZow features the main characters of Guy with his twin sister Kelly and their best friend Maz, who explore the world of SheZow when Guy and Kelly discover that their aunt Agnes now passed, was the legendary super-heroine herself.

Kelly who is the president of the SheZow fan club and self described biggest SheZow fan and expert on the planet is excited at the thought of becoming the next in the long line of famous women to wear the SheZow ring. Her dream is dashed when Guy takes the ring and jokingly puts it on to taunt his sister, not knowing that anyone who wears the ring can never take it off until they pass away. Suddenly Guy is transformed into the super powered and over feminized SheZow, with his/her superpowers including but not limited to, sonic scream, super strength, light-saber lipstick, super slap, vanishing cream (which turns him invisible) and super speed in high heels.

Combined with a super smart computer named She-la and endless bright pink gadgetry, Guy as SheZow and Kelly as his coach on all things girly fight to save the world from an assortment of villains who spout just as many bad puns as they do.

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The Queer Harold & Maude?

Gay film maker Bruce LaBruce (Otto; or, Up with Dead People) got a new project, Gerontophilia, that he describes as a queer Harold & Maude and you can help funding it on Indiegogo. Here’s the plot:

Lake is an unusual boy: he is a young man with an old soul who discovers he has an odd fixation on the elderly. Although Lake has a girlfriend his own age, named Desiree, he wonders sometimes if his fixation on old men is unnatural and unhealthy – perhaps even sexual.

When his mother, who is a nurse, takes on a management job at an old folks home, Lake jumps at her offer of a summer job as an orderly there. Gradually, Lake comes to discover that the old people in the institution are being given psychotropic drugs to keep them in a catatonic state. Lake befriends one old man in particular, Mr. Peabody, who still seems to have some fight left in him. They begin to form a strong bond. Mr. Peabody charms Lake with romantic stories of his youth and confesses his dreams of seeing the ocean one last time. Avoiding the vigilant eye of Nurse Stonehenge, who administers shots and pills to the old folks, Lake starts to wean Mr. Peabody off his medication.

Eventually, Lake springs Mr. Peabody from the institution. Together they embark on a road trip telling everyone they meet that the old man is his grandfather and that they’re driving to the ocean. After numerous life-changing escapades, Lake is finally ready to accept his true feelings for Mr. Peabody, but everything changes when the trip takes an unexpected turn. Read on….