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The Ducks’ Migration

“The Ducks’ Migration” is a fiction short film about the sexual discovery and growth of two teenage boys who coincide in contemporary New York City.

The Ducks' Migration (Gay Short)

“Two boys and close family friends, Jeremy and Alphonse, American and French, spend a few weeks together in Jeremy’s house in Brooklyn. Jeremy is confused about his understanding of the friendship, while obsessed with the ducks in the Prospect Park’s lake and finishing a school paper about their migration. Alphonse likes to ride bicycles and doesn’t want to leave town. The ducks inevitably leave, Alphonse goes back to Paris, and Jeremy stays in his house, but all of them depart to something new.”


Periodical Political Post *164

Queer News

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  • US engaged in torture after 9/11, independent review finds
  • Porn’s negative effect on teenagers exaggerated, study says
  • Canada says science has no value if it doesn’t benefit economy
  • Physicist Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel
  • Swaziland makes it illegal for witches to fly broomstick above 150m

Periodical Political Post *120

Queer News

Other News

  • French President made good on pledge of 75% income tax for the rich 
  • American "Anti-Occupy" law makes protesting easier in China than in U.S.
  • Texas about to execute inmate who’s on the mental level of a 7-year-old
  • In China, the rich & powerful hire body doubles to do their prison time
  • NASA rover Curiosity makes historic Mars landing, beams back photos

Periodical Political Post *103

Queer News

  • New socialist French president Hollande expected to legalise gay marriage
  • Argentina makes sex-reassignment surgery legal right in landmark trans law
  • Chile votes to pass anti-hate-crime law in wake of gay man’s brutal murder
  • After no pride march in 2011 this year 2500 march for queer rights in Tokyo
  • Map of North Carolina shows link between education & stance on gay marriage
  • American gymnast and Olympic hopeful Josh Dixon comes out as gay

Other News

  • New research suggests some people might be born as homophobes 
  • UK provider forced to use anti child-porn tech to censor file-sharing sites
  • U.S. wants to save military budget by cutting food stamps & medicaid money
  • Highly religious people less likely to be moved by compassion than atheists
  • Pentagon didn’t support The Avengers because America wasn’t heroes’ boss 
  • Religious sites more likely to infect computers with viruses than porn sites

Feasting Friday *27

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Periodical Political Post *96

Queer News

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  • U.S. makes it easier to use “anti-terror” surveillance data against non-terrorists
  • UK internet providers forced to hand over 9,000 user details of porn pirates
  • U.S. House kills law preventing employers from demanding Facebook passwords
  • America’s rich get even richer while gap between them and the rest widens
  • Woman demanding care at a hospital is arrested for trespassing, dies in jail
  • Study says compared to other groups, conservatives distrust science most

Periodical Political Post *68

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Santiago, Chile, in 1986. Luchito is 13 years old and feels deeply attracted to Manuel, a 16-year-old neighbour. Luchito masturbates whilst watching the window of an adjacent building where Manuel is enjoying a sexual encounter with a neighbourhood girl. The window becomes an erotic stage that arouses Luchito’s curiosity – but this has catastrophic consequences for Manuel.


Model Monday *34

Model Monday *34 // Damien V.  by Patricio Mercado
Model Damien V. by Patricio Mercado


Milk Monday *1


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