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Trap Thursday *90

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The 18-year-old beauty, Yiming Zhao, has been attracting a good amount of attention on Weibo, China’s very own Twitter, particularly after his charming photos were mistakenly listed in a photo collection of beautiful Chinese girls on a Korean forum. That’s one honest mistake any of us would have made! His mesmerizing gaze, sweet smile and slender physique has left many girls in awe and envy, and many guys confused and speechless Read more…


Periodical Political Post *166

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  • Balkan states told to improve on queer rights before joining EU
  • Chinese teen arrested, jailed for organizing queer rights march
  • Stockholm invites queers to bypass Russia’s 100-year pride ban
  • Bakery won’t serve gay brides but offers divorce celebration cake

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Periodical Political Post *164

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  • US engaged in torture after 9/11, independent review finds
  • Porn’s negative effect on teenagers exaggerated, study says
  • Canada says science has no value if it doesn’t benefit economy
  • Physicist Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel
  • Swaziland makes it illegal for witches to fly broomstick above 150m

World’s oldest “Porn” is bisexual

One of the world’s earliest carvings conveying human sexuality shows bisexuality was normal, even over 3,000 years ago The Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs, rock carvings found in a remote region in northwest China, show a fertility ritual.

Archaeologist Wang Binghua discovered the symbols in the late 1980s, but little has been written about them. In a new report from Mary Mycio, the carvings show 100 figures which abstractly depicts different ways of expressing sexuality.

While carvings have been found dating back over 20,000 years, these petroglyphs are probably the most explicit and intricate. Mycio writes: ‘The few scholars who have studied the petroglyphs think that the larger-than-life hourglass figures that begin the tableau symbolize females. They have stylized triangular torsos, shapely hips and legs, and they wear conical headdresses with wispy decorations. ‘Male images are smaller triangles with stick legs and bare heads. Ithyphallic is archeology-talk for “erect penis,” and nearly all of the males have one. ‘A third set of figures appear to be bisexual. Combining elements of males and females, they are ithyphallic but wear female headwear, a decoration on the chest, and sometimes a mask. They might be shamans. Read on…


Periodical Political Post *149

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  • Gun lobby makes shooting game for kids after blaming games for violence
  • Inside the terror factory: FBI’s massive efforts to create fake terrorist plots
  • UK Border Agency wants to keep using force on pregnant women & kids
  • Japanese tsunami recovery fund used for controversial whale hunting
  • Al Jazeera America, a test case for an open society and free speech

Trap Thursday *78

In Asia, female idol groups are a dime a dozen. These days it seems like anyone with a pretty face can throw on a skirt, get up on stage and call themselves the next Kara Generation 48. But it’s always nice when unique acts like Chinese idol unit Alice Weiniang Group are able to make it into the spotlight. You see, in addition to having style and looks, the members of Alice Weiniang Group have something no other Asian idol girl group does: a penis. That’s because all members of the 200-strong idol team are male. Weiniang literally means “fake lady,” or cross-dresser, so we might better refer to them as “Alice Cross-Dresser Group.”

The group was formed in October 2009 and is based in Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei in central China. The idea for an all-male cross-dressing idol group came to the founders, a group of college students in a Japanese anime club, when they were stuck having to perform a mixed-gender cosplay show at an anime convention while female members happened to be away. Several of the male members decided to play the females roles on stage and, to their surprise, the costumes were a huge hit with the crowd.

After that, they began organizing cross-dressing cosplay shows for money. While there were only about 20 members at the time of the group’s founding, their ranks have swelled to 200 over the past three years and now they even have their own choreography, make-up, stage and photography team. Most members are college students, but there are also a few working adults in the mix. In order to be admitted to the group, you must have a feminine face and long, slender legs, so it’s natural that most the guys are in their late-teens or early-twenties.

Alice now has a sizable Chinese fanbase and are frequently asked to perform at anime, comic and game conventions and cosplay festivals. Several of the boys have made modeling debuts and one of the most popular members, 20-year-old Haoge, is said to have nearly 14,000 followers on Chinese Twitter-like service, Sina Weibo.

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