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The “Gay God” attracts Robbers & Cultists

The modern revivers of the cult of an ancient Roman gay god have claimed that Egyptian authorities are ignoring widespread looting of the Egyptian city named for him. The Roman emperor Hadrian declared his male lover Antinous a god in the year 130, after he fell into the river Nile and drowned at the age of 19. Hadrian founded the city Antinoopolis in Egypt nearby the site of his lover’s death and established annual games in his memory.

Hadrian also named a star after him which was said to have appeared after his death. Temples for Antinous were established all over the Roman Empire during Hadrian’s reign but were torn down by Christians after the cult was outlawed by the Christian Emperor Theodosius. Many of the surviving statues of Antinous ended up in the Vatican Museum where they were seen by the artist Raphael who adopted him as a model for male perfection in painting angels.

The cult of Antinous was revived in 2002 and its followers now say that the ruins of Antinoopolis have been left to looters while officials turn a blind eye. “Nobody cares because Antinous is the god of gays, and they are embarrassed to mention that fact,” said Antonyus Subia, head priest of the Hollywood Temple of Antinous. “Even the few news articles which have appeared about the destruction of Antinoopolis fail to mention Antinous at all.”

Subia said that the ruins of Antinoopolis were being systematically looted by tomb robbers and blamed poor law enforcement by the new Egyptian Government. “This is our gay heritage which is being destroyed,” he said.


Periodical Political Post *112

Queer News

  • Teenage lesbian couple shot in Texas, one dead, one survives
  • Egyptian chief diplomat rep. suggests gays are not real people
  • Seattle police celebrates pride by attacking crowd outside gay bar
  • Trans pride march attacked by right-wing nationalists in Istanbul
  • Extremists & church officials call for violence at pride in Bulgaria
  • Malta: Gender identity, sexual orientation included in hate crime laws

Other News

  • Circumcision for non-medical reasons a crime says German court
  • The U.S. govt. doesn’t want to tell if it armed Mexican drug cartels
  • Republican admits voter ID laws are meant to suppress minorities
  • U.S. state of Tennessee’s ‘No Holding-Hands Bill’ blasted by critics
  • Republicans oppose teaching critical thinking & support hitting kids
  • Christian textbooks say Loch Ness Monster is proof of Creationism

Periodical Political Post *111

Queer News

Other News

  • Yet another study confirms global warming is indeed human-caused
  • ACTA rejected by committee in crucial blow before final EU Parliament vote
  • Canadian version of draconian SOPA copyright rules close to becoming law
  • Egyptian Military grants itself sweeping powers; effectively military coup
  • Men outnumber women among American rape victims due to prison rape
  • WikiLeaks founder & whistle-blower Julian Assange requests asylum in Ecuador


This Saturday, June 23rd, would have marked the 100th birthday of Alan Turing. A visionary mathematician, logician and code breaker, Turing was a pioneer in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence. A linchpin member of Ultra, Britain’s World War II counterintelligence team, Turing created the electro-mechanical, code-decrypting "bombe" that deciphered countless intercepted Nazi communications.

Turing’s involvement in the war effort saved thousands of lives — and his contributions to science, technology, philosophy and literature have touched billions. It’s time to celebrate his amazing legacy.

Despite his myriad contributions to society, in 1952, Turing was imprisoned for the same reason Oscar Wilde was once dragged into a court for. He was forced to choose between imprisonment and chemical castration, when investigations into his personal life brought his homosexuality to light. He opted for the latter. Two years later he committed suicide. "The debt of gratitude he is owed makes it all the more horrifying, therefore, that he was treated so inhumanely," said British Prime Minster Gordon Brown, in a posthumous apology delivered in 2009. "We’re sorry, you deserved so much better." Read on…