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Mesdames et Messieurs, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to these cuties, directly from the milkland: Josh & Benji.
Both of them hop around in the board and the chat from time to time, Benji got a blog and Josh will get one soon :)


Milk Star 2008!

I’ll be honest with you: I can’t stand casting shows. I can’t stand TV at all. I don’t even have one. But I got a lot of mails recently about a guy in one of the “Idol” oder “Superstar” shows and I have to admit: A few of them a bloody cute ;) So let’s get straight to the point here. I picked a few boys out of the thousands of videos at YouTube and I want you to decide who is the best, the cutest, the Milk Star 2008 ;o)

Watch the videos and cast your vote below. The poll is open ‘till Halloween. Have fun!

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Contender 1: Johan Palm (Sweden)

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Contender 2: Daniel Pirie (England)

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Contender 3: Tom Williams (Australia)

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Contender 4: Liam Styles Chang (Canada)

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Contender 5: Danny Noriega (USA)




Tom Daley

We had an post about 14 year old Tom Daley earlier this year but due to the Olympic Games… have another one ;)

Besides that BoyMagnet sent us an article and an interview with Tom.



In January 2004, while the French government was debating banning religious and political symbols from schools, Catherine Balet began taking pictures of signs, labels, codes and icons that have social and aesthetic significance in the teenage world. As she extended that project from Paris to London, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan, it quickly became a record of the dress codes in European schools, a reference work on tribal subdivisions there. Teenagers in their struggle for identity and self-esteem, troubled by an urgent desire to be different, usually adopt the codes of a group, often inspired by music trends and always tweaked by circumstance, conscious individuation or both. In each city, Balet discovered the same music, fashion, brands, bands and labels. Only the details differed, reflecting the complexity of the history of each country or the influence of its migrant populations. In London and Barcelona, where the uniform is a school institution, details are all that students have by which to define themselves: Balet captures the way’s in which these students customize their outfits. Her large, richly descriptive portraits, set in the street, combine documentary style with poetic sensibility, capturing the complex mix of youth and age inherent to adolescence, its fragility and determination, and the era’s new mix of global homogenization and local individuation.



You can buy “Identity” here


Danzee ~ Part 2

Download this Video | Thanks for the link Phill



Part 1 | His MySpace Profile | His Stickam Profile | His Uber Profile


Danzee ~ Part 1

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British Spring Break?

The Telegraph reports that 70 students from the Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, were joined by over 100 other youths to celebrate an end of term party by “having unprotected sex in a village square.”  I wish they could have fun by replacing the alcohol with condoms *sigh*

Witnesses said that around 200 youths gathered in and around the village hall in Wray, Lancashire, which is a few miles from the school. The event, to celebrate the end of Year 11, had been organised by pupils, although the village hall committee had understood that an adult had taken responsibility for the booking. Alan Day, the village hall chairman, said: “All hell let loose at this event. The children were drunk to the eyeballs. They were having sex in the village square standing up.”

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Hardly Anne Frank

Between sex…

then next thing i remember i like woke up in the night nd ben was in the bed with me!! like seriously! he was facing away from me nd a bit curled up and taking all the room and most of the blankets. it was v cold nd i like pulld some of the blanket back. it felt a bit gay, and v horny nd then i just couldnt get back to sleep. hes a bit youngr than me, but he is pretty cute, nd just being in bed next to a boy was pretty horny, nd got me rock hard. the more i thought bout it, the harder i got nd my cock was like twitchin nd stuff. i was rubbing it and squeezin it a bit, nd pulled it out of my undies. felt a bit wrong, but didnt care cos was just too horny. was playn with it and rubbing it for ages, nd ben moved and wriggled a bit, nd he must have been like just a few cms away from me. he was still on his side facing the window, and i was facing the same way. i know its bad, but i just pushed a bit towards him to press my cock onto his back, nd when it touched his back omg i nearly came right then. it was really warm and my cock had never been so hard. never really touched my cock on any1 before, felt nice against a warm body.

…and liitle worries

ive done something bad again :-( was supposd to be lookn after cats for nicholas over th weekend, i fed them like once on friday morn, then completely forgot cos went to auntie maureens. omg. bad me. but the worst bit is nicholas just came over nd gave me a box of 12 creme eggs and £20 :-( just cudnt bring myself to be honest nd tell him id forgot. he thinks im like a little angel, but im just bad :-( ive sooo gotta do something good next time. like do it for free, or just do something else nice. i’ll nevr go to heaven.

A teenage Life?