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Les Beaux Frères

Les Beaux Frères de PatrickSébastien le 15-02-2014

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Cupid Playing with a Butterfly
by Antoine-Denis Chaudet (1763 – 1810)

Chaudet went to the seine river in Paris to look for a model for this masterpiece. Approaching the young nude Parisian boys swimming. There was a misunderstanding about what he wanted from a nude young boy. This landed him in jail.


Cupid is portrayed as a naked, unarmed adolescent whose sole attributes are his short wings. He seems to be engrossed in an innocent pastime. His amusement is not as harmless as it seems, though; the butterfly allowing itself to be seduced by his rose symbolizes the soul, Psyche in Greek. Imprisoned by Cupid, the soul soon experiences love’s torments rather than its pleasures. The graceful bas-relief friezes on the base develop the theme: if the butterfly tastes the juice of a basket of flowers, it is pinned down by chubby little cupids, one of whom enslaves it by harnessing it to his chariot. But the soul finally triumphs thanks to the bees: infuriated by the arrows shot at their hive, they swarm all over the cheeky imps. These scenes are inspired by the Idylls of Theocritus (3rd century BC), the most famous Greek poet of the Alexandrian era, and the delicateness of the carving expresses all their bucolic charm.


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A School Day?

Kids are going to be kids
Bullying is a natural part of childhood
Bullied kids need to toughen up

These sorts of sentiments are all-too common when the topic of bullying is raised. As a society we often seem to tolerate behaviours and actions directed at children that we wouldn’t accept as adults. Or at least that’s the point that a new, and difficult to watch French advert is making. The video, found below, shows an office worker being tormented by his co-workers through the course of his day. The tagline at the end reads "A work day does not look like this. And a school day?"

While the ad isn’t LGBT specific, there are signs that queer youth in France have particularly been having a difficult time of late. The fight for marriage equality exposed a deep current of homophobia running through the culture of the nation, and France’s only homeless shelter for LGBT youth has seen a dramatic increase in calls, averaging over five hundred a month even now.

As powerful as this video is, and honestly the Gary Jules’ and Michael Andrews’ cover of "Mad World" could make kitten videos tragic, some people may take exception to the fundamental assumption on which it’s based. Too many of us know first-hand that bullying behaviour isn’t limited to children, and the experiences of the video’s protagonist are sadly familiar for many people.

So what do you think? Is this video a good way to show bullying in a context that will get adults’ attention? Does it do a disservice by erasing adults whose work environments are emotionally or physically abusive?

Le Monde en face : Harcèlement à l'école – France 5 (BA)

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Burlington : Can You Sock Me ?

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The story of the Pisan traitor Ugolino della Gherardesca, imprisoned with this sons and condemned to starvation, was told by Dante in The Inferno. Carpeaux shows the anguished father resisting his sons’ offer of their own bodies for his sustenance. AG has more photos on his Tumblr.


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