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How to save a Life

How to save a life – The Fray (Marius Gröh Cover)

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Periodical Political Post *172

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Periodical Political Post *170

Queer News

  • Russian president Putin signs anti-gay propaganda’ bill into law
  • Istanbul gay pride supported by thousands of Gezi park protestors
  • 21,000 show-up to support queer love in Singapore last weekend
  • Baguio LGBT Pride Parade in Philippines goes ahead in a cyclone

Other News

  • New PRISM leaks detail live notification of email logins, sent messages
  • US taps half a billion phone calls, mails, texts in Germany every month
  • American faces 13 years jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk
  • Drug tests used on 84% of all Americans are a scam targeting the poor


Before Tim died he was the number one of a close-knit boarding school gang. When the friends engage in a ritual one year after his death a familiar game turns into a sadistic night…

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Periodical Political Post *168

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Eike Von Stuckenbrok

Eike Von Stuckenbrok at Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.

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Periodical Political Post *154

Queer News

  • Gay adoption laws strengthened for civil partners in Germany
  • 200,000 Puerto Ricans protest against equal rights for gays
  • Australia considers trans & intersex inclusive birth certificates
  • Turkish court disagrees with supreme court, rules gay sex natural

Other News

  • US, from 1970 to 2005, increased its prison population by 700%
  • Hell froze over, even The Economist wants minimum wages in US
  • Facebook made $1 billion profits, paid no corporate income tax
  • New platform tracks lobbyists copy-pasting their way into EU laws


Again and again Elisha finds himself confronted by Alex, Timo, Sascha, and Mika – all 14-year-olds living in the boys’ orphanage with him. Their worlds ought to be similar and yet they are completely different. While Elisha builds tiny obstacle courses for ants in the woods, the other boys spend their days watching porn, absorbed in their emerging sexual fantasies.

When the attractive 31-year-old Gisberta is newly employed at the orphanage, she quickly becomes the object of their desires and the boys try to approach her with clumsily aggressive adolescent behavior. Elisha, however, actually gets to know Gisberta.

Alex, who has his eyes everywhere, discovers the two laughing in the kitchen. His erupting jealousy drives the group to continuously humiliate Elisha in any way possible, but this just brings Elisha closer to Gisberta, and a tender friendship develops between them. But one day the sexual fantasies of the other boys take a turn to brutal reality.

You can watch the short film here.

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Not yet a Hero

Remember about the amazingly talented lads from JuBaFilms? They’re back…

Not Yet A Hero – JuBaFilms

Periodical Political Post *143

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