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Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage. They join a small international club of countries where gay couples enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples.

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Periodical Political Post *55

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Proud Kids of Gay Parents at last Year's Stockholm Pride

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I know that in this paranoid world, you never approach a small child who is by herself, take her by the hand and walk out of a store with her in search of mommy. But I am not 14 years old. I am not Edwin. Last week, Edwin went to the Burlington Coat Factory store on West Colonial Drive with his mother. He saw a 3-year-old girl without a parent. If he had it to do all over again, if he could see the cops, the handcuffs, the TV cameras and the jail cell all awaiting him, I imagine the last thing he would have done was try to help her. But he did.


Periodical Political Post *47

US newspaper readers are in uproar over this photo. The Washington Post’s internal ombudsman has defended the newspaper’s decision to carry a front-page photo of a gay couple kissing. The newspaper printed the image last week on the first day gay couples in the district were able to apply for marriage licences. Couple Jeremy Ames and Taka Ariga are shown sharing a peck on the lips outside the DC Superior Court. But Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander said he received complaints from readers: "A few of the readers have engaged in rants, often with anti-gay slurs. One called me to complain about ‘promoting a faggot lifestyle’.” Read on…



Isao is ten years old. He is gay and fully aware that such sensibility will get him in a lot of trouble with everyone around him. His mother wants him to be an Olympic swimmer, like his father was. Along with the complicity of his childhood best friend, Aleciram, a smart, sassy and faithful cohort, they embark on a journey of self discovery and coming of age in very unusual ways: through a near death experience.

The film is Spanish with English subtitles and can be orderd for $ 10 at TLAvideo

Rich with mystery and steeped in mythical superstition, this Mexican voyage into the world of the non-quite-dead finds new and fascinating ways to address the age old dilemma of being an outcast. Slightly reminiscent of Ma Vie En Rose’s Ludovic, Isao likes to dress up, carry a doll, and dreams of being a famous fashion designer in Paris. Left for dead after an unsavory encounter with a pederast gym teacher, little gay boy Isao wakes up in a bizarrely quiet hospital staffed by a single nurse and an unseen administrator. Suddenly joined by a confused lawyer with a bullet wound to the head, young Isao seeks out answers from the cryptic nurse, from his strange new companion, and from within himself. As their stories unfold in Limbo (the waiting room between heaven and hell), Isao’s best friend holds vigil over his still-breathing body, along with a blind janitor who knows a thing or two about displaced ghosts. In a coming-of-age experience befitting his unique temperament, Isao’s voyage into maturity takes place not in the confines of the physical world, but in the unknowable realm of an out-of-body experience.

Thanks to leetboys for posting about this in the milkboard and to Alejandro Morales for the review.


Y Tu Mamá También

The lives of Julio and Tenoch, like those of seventeen-year old boys everywhere, are ruled by raging hormones, intense friendships, and a headlong rush into adulthood. Over the course of a summer,… The lives of Julio and Tenoch, like those of seventeen-year old boys everywhere, are ruled by raging hormones, intense friendships, and a headlong rush into adulthood. Over the course of a summer, the two best friends, while living out a carefree cross-country escapade with a gorgeous older woman, also find connection with each other, themselves and the world around them. Just days after the boys trade heartfelt good-byes with their sexy, young girlfriends who are headed to Italy for summer vacation, their attention is diverted by Luisa, a stunning twenty-eight year old Spaniard. At a family wedding in Mexico City, the boys awkwardly flirt with Luisa, who is married to a distant cousin of Tenoch’s. Fueled by alcohol and her beauty, the boys invite Luisa to accompany them on a road trip to a remote beach with the romantic name of Boca del Cielo — Heaven’s Mouth — neglecting to mention that they wouldn’t know where to find it, even if it actually did exist. Luisa humours the boys, but not without first fuelling their vivid imaginations. A few days later, Luisa, receives some heartbreaking news and, needing a change of scenery, tracks down the boys and accepts their offer. The unlikely trio hits the road, their destination not so much Boca del Cielo as that seductive and mysterious place where innocence, sexuality, and friendships collide.

Picture by lucas4you.wordpress.com

As the saying goes, you never really know someone until you travel with him. With the car closing in upon them, Julio and Tenoch are forced to reveal to each other sides of their personalities they had never before even dared to explore. Though best friends for years, the boys realize they had often taken each other for granted, not seeing the person in front of them as more than a façade or an attitude. Luisa is the catalyst of self-discovery. Her presence brings out the best – and the worst – in the two friends. At times a sexy seductress, at other times the maternal figure each of the friends is lacking, Luisa, too, finds out what is important to her. As the road leading to the elusive Boca del Cielo becomes more desolate and inhospitable, the protagonists find there is no escape from a confrontation with their innermost demons and desires.

Y Tu Mama Tambien Trailer

Sexy, beautiful, hysterical, mesmerizing – aw fuck it, I don’t want to get into an Thesarus fest. Suffice it to say that Y Tu Mamá También is one of the finest pieces of film I’ve seen in a while. You need to see it, and your Mama too. Just put your hand over her eyes during all the shagging. – eFilmCritic.com

Official Site | Wikipedia | IMDbReview (English) | Review (Deutsch)


5 Months, 5 Bands

The next Wave Gotik Treffen is 5 months away so I annoy you with a random post containing short clips of 5 gigs I attended at last WGT. You can actually see me (for a second) in one of them ;o) I made a video too; you can hardly hear the voice since the bass was way too much for my cell but it’s good enough to get a taste of the great atmosphere there :)












The Mob vs. The Emos

According to the newspaper La Crónica de Hoy more than 1000 “alternative” rock fans, skaters and heavy metal kiddies joined forces to attack a group of emos in Querétaro, Mexico last Friday (March 7th). One of them was nearly lynched as you can see in the video below (Julian posted a translated transcript of the video report in the comment). Three other people were injured and 28 arrested. The police traced the beginnings of the conflict to a campaign in some blogs where emos are portrayed as gay and giving a “bad image” to tourists.  Think of emos whatever you want but I hope one of these homophobic dumbasses got a nice fist into his face. And if your an emo in Mexico who is actually gay… take an advise from Kirk Read: Fight back and beat the shit out of their heads!


Wir brauchen mehr Bilder von homosexuellen jungen Leuten, die den Menschen den Mist aus ihren Köpfen rausprügeln! Schluss mit verdrießlichen, depressiven Vorbildern! Wenn wir der Jugend wirklich etwas Sinnvolles mitgeben wollen, dann wie man ordentlich zuschlägt. – Kirk Read